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Here is a list of items that have helped me and others with counteracting (detoxing) some of the chemicals and molds from the chemtrails as well as boosting the immune system. I know that there are probably other things that will work as well and I would love to have more ideas.These are ones that we have used and I am always in search of new remedies.

All can be googled and read about on the internet before a person decides if it feels right to try for themselves. I have found that just by using colloidal silver daily for about 14 years now I rarely get ill. I also use the Master Tonic at the first sign of a scratchy throat or when I feel a chill coming on and it seems to arrest it right away. I will put a very brief description of the products and then others can do their own research. I feel so strongly that until the spraying of the aerosol poisons stop that we have to do something to counteract the poisons and try to keep our immune systems up. So I want folks to have some simple remedies to incorporate in to their lives to try to stay well. Here are some that I have found to be of great assistance and I have only just learned of the brown seaweed so hope to try that soon as well.

Colloidal can buy it in any healthfood store, or make your own, like I do, so that I can gift it to friends and have for my cats and dog as well as myself. I started taking it back in Idaho in 1998 when I learned that the chemtrails had a black mold in them, and that the silver will kill the mold. I bought my silver maker from a company here in Canada called SotaInstruments..

Brown seaweed (laminara Japonica) ...for heavy metal detox, radiation detox, thyroid conditions etc. They used this for the workers who did the cleanup at Chernobyl.

Ionic Foot Bath Machines...these are good for detoxing the organs and joints and to take out heavy metals ...I got a homemade machine cheaply from a fellow who makes them , name of Dieter Braun.(Indian in the Machine) You can google ionic footbath machines for info and watch a video on them on you tube as well.
Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade only!) To view its many uses try.
you tube and just google in to you tube, diatomaceous earth to watch a few clips on how it works and how much to take (a teaspoon daily is what we take).

To purchase food grade diatomaceous earth try your local farmer's supply which is where I got ours and I live in a small town , or online at various places..

Magnesium bath crystals or liquid ...many benefits ..good for the heart and organs and anti chemtrail poisoning too

Serrapeptase Enzymes...these remarkable enzymes clear out blocked arteries and the lungs ( reputed to be good for asthmatics , apparently for the mucus that builds up and constricts the breathing passages ) If taken full strength with cod liver oil or flax oil will work faster to unclog arteries.Has been used for years in Europe successfully.

mms...Jim Humbles sodium chloride..kills pathogens...detoxes metals...cures malaria victims about it on their site

Homeopathic Chembuster Formula..I haven't tried this one, but I did do Dr.Von Peter's homeopathic formula a few years ago for chemtrails detoxing

The Master Tonic we make in the autumn when the ingredients are really has helped alot when you feel your throat beginning to feel sore or after heavy spraying I take some or when I feel chilled.Here is a link for how to make your own...
So these are some modalities we use up here in Canada to help to counteract the aerosol poisons being sprayed on us almost daily. I would welcome hearing about any other simple ideas that your readers may know of...let us all try to stay well so we can experience this shift on our planet in better health.

Love and Light

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