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I just noticed this. :D

666 is not a evil number. It is a number that has been given that meaning to direct some people away from it. Same thing like a number 911.

Nice synchronisity. :)

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Comment by Shin Neo aka The Young Yoda on January 10, 2009 at 1:45pm
Many opinions and information wrong...fabricated by others who wished to control us from birth...religion is one way of controlling us...numbers are used as yet another source of control...13 is not well...WE are the gods...we know this in the in the NOW...Namaste to you all....
Comment by spirit of destiny on January 10, 2009 at 3:40am
Lucifer..the bearer of terrible beauty..he is a keeper of the serpent knowledge..he fell from the sky and shall return to once again sit at the throne of his feet and not by his side on his return home...he is misunderstood and the term satan far misrepresents the meaning he intended to project to those on earth..he is the power that exposes the lies,conceit and darkness of your soul...he reflects darkness unto express the depths that humanity can decend..he is not satan..he is not the keeper and root of all evil..
he expresses the evil inside us all that we embrace or deny...he tries to make whole the light and the dark...he is God's right hand ( man) angel and always will be..he is the prodigal son who wishes to go home now..he has exposed the depth and roots of evil for you to ponder..explore and forgive-in yourself and all of humanity..for thence you can return home also..forgive yourselves and deny no dark in either you or others...embrace your light and accept all have darkness in them to help you grow..
you need night time ( darkness) to refresh, to sleep..the same as you need light ( sun) to grow..each without the other cannot be..your darkness likens to the sleep eternity for lucifer, for he was asleep and also had forgotten the joy and love of light he is once more awake and embrassing his light..
this is Lucifers legacy..his has become his legacy..
Comment by Dana on January 9, 2009 at 5:59pm
Oooh the number of the beast... Consider this... The base molecular structure of the human being consists of 6 carbon, 6 hydrogen & 6 oxygen molecules. So who is the beast? A number to represent our duality and separation from source. Represented by the Great Arch Angel Lucifer, who in his sacrifice removed himself from the kingdom of heaven and gave to us the experience of duality. He has returned home now, and this is important to understand in our awakening, that duality exists no more and is why ascension is taking place within the universe. It is to a new age of oneness. Love D

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