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Found on GLP

Apparently you don't understand what is happening here:
The U.S. Military (some, most, all...don't know at this juncture...but I suspect enough. (ret) General Schwartzkopf is one of the names said to be behind this) realized that the so-called government in power was intent on the full destruction of the United States. The military did not want to be part of what would look like a military takeover. But they had sworn to uphold the constitution. Some Constitutional scholars among them came up with a way using the parameters of the original government, to take this country back in a mostly peaceful manner and reinstate government of, by and for, the People.

Someone amongst them had a connection to Sam Kennedy who is a Constitutionalist, and a degreed lawyer and a very hearty Christian. The Military presented to him a way to 'take back America'. He put together a group of Constitutionally knowledgable folks to help come up with the plan for implementing. That was 2 years ago. we are.

I suspect the Military will have to show their colors next. There is no way around this. If they do not, I don't see how this can even begin to work. AND, we will have another Bay of Pigs on our hands.

I suspect that this is all on track. Initially it was reported that only Calif, NY and Fla were against it. Obviously, there were more.

It will be curious to see how many govs are just waiting for the military to show up before they come forward in support...

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