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You either love or hate the subject concerning reincarnation. To others it's a taboo topic which should never be approached or suffer the consequences. The conventional idea behind reincarnation is that after dying we return to the Earth plane to live another life. However, when up-to-date theories are introduced and the study of quantum physics is brought into the equation, a whole new concept is created which contradicts orthodox thinking. Suffice to say that reincarnation cannot exist in the way that we thought was possible. Some may say that it doesn't interest them. However, it does concern them. In fact it concerns everyone.


Would you like to debate this subject by looking into my blog page. If you would then just click on REINCARNATION.

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Comment by Mike O'Hare on March 12, 2011 at 11:40am
Nice interpretation, kamala. Thanks for your opinions.

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