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Realizing Our Infinite Self By Kenneth Schmitt

Realizing Our Infinite Self
By Kenneth Schmitt

The Infinite One experiences the awareness of every conscious being everywhere, down to the smallest sub-atomic wave-particle being and out to the universes. Each of us is living in the life stream of our Creator and participating in universal consciousness. We have complete free will in choosing how we want to feel. As we confront the energetic patterns that are brought into our presence, our feelings are stimulated. Our emotions are both informative and creative, depending on how we use them.

Our reaction or acceptance of each encounter determines the quality of our experience. If we align with the energies, in order to resist or support them, we give them our life force through our recognition and engagement, making the experience real for us. If we accept the energies of our encounters, and we maintain our alignment with our infinite Self through our intuition, any negative energetic patterns will dissipate out of our presence. We no longer believe in their reality, because they have no basis in Creator consciousness. They are real only because they are human-created within duality...+

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