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RANDY THE ATLANTEAN ~ by Bradley Loves




Randy is a real person! I met him in the middle 1990’s when he was giving a short talk on healing techniques as well as his personal “memories” of Atlantis. He looked like a very gentle and jolly sort of teddy bear and was in his mid-fifties at that time. His memories of Atlantis fascinated me because I also have “memories” of Atlantis, having had two of my previous nine incarnations on Earth in that time frame.

In the first Atlantean incarnation I was a doctor/priest – a healer, just like he was doing now, only my healing was far more advanced – or so I thought!  As I said on my “Personal Stuff Page” – I’ve seen about a dozen good psychics in my life and have had all of them tell me about this one particular life time – probably because it is a very strong memory.

In that Atlantean life time – I was a “doctor” in the sense that I healed people! Of course at that time – because the “frequency” of the morphogenic field around all of us was much higher – the physical body was far more susceptible to light – sound – and color than it is at the present time.

Being the priest/scientist that I was – I actually “invented” some exceptionally advanced technology by using magnetics-light-color and sound to heal the human body! I have memories of doing this type of work, and the psychic lady (who did a past life regression on me) could see this and in that regression, I ended up describing to her many of the tools that I invented there that were so advanced – they were continuously used during the entire lifetime of Atlantis! I was also “aware” that some of that technology had been recorded into “records” that have now been recovered by the US and other Governments in Egypt!

To hear Randy talking about Atlantis, was like coming home for me, and I was certain that I had KNOWN HIM in at least one of my two Atlantean lives, and that that was why I had met him. In this incarnation, it was Randy who was doing the “inventing” and in his small office – which was located in Southern California, there were many “devices” which were made of natural wood – pure copper – and many multi-colored crystals with soft lighting around them.
He had a healing table in the middle of his office and he used his hands to do pure energy healing in a way that I was familiar with, in addition to experimenting with his “inventions” on the human body.

I felt “very” at home in this type of healing setting, and after seeing it – immediately KNEW that every “doctors” office I had ever been in since I was a child until then – was somehow fake or wrong – “quackery” – and that the “type” of healing those doctors were practicing was barbaric compared to the gentle energy/body healing Randy was practicing!

We looked at each other and just KNEW at a soul level the way things were done in his office was “correct”.

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Comment by CHRISTINA on March 8, 2015 at 5:22pm

Next to his small office – he had also rented a small adjoining “vacant” space, and set it up as a “meditation” room, where like minded people could gather in a large circle and do group meditations!

Randy was unique in the sense that he was ALWAYS inclusive! He was so very gentle with every person that he met – and the meditations that he led were always profound!   It was always a “circle” and never anything else! All of the people in the circle were important to him and felt loved!

His healing/meditations circles were like Ancient American Prayer Circles in the sense that “chanting” – drumming – group prayer and meditation were all allowed at different times, and it was all about the ENERGY THAT WAS DEVELOPED in the room that mattered to him – not anyone’s personal experience.  To him it was always about a “group” experience and the shift in the morphogenic field around all of us!

Sitting in the circle – after a certain amount of time – if one was sensitive – one could actually start to “feel” the balancing effects of the harmonious energy he was helping to create!
It was at these feel good times – after our group prayers, that he would start to talk about Atlantis and his memories of his life there.

His descriptions were both vivid and acute in their detail. He would sometimes show us pictures that he had drawn of what he could see in his mind of those times. We would all sit and listen in fascination.

“There were vehicles in Atlantis that could fly through the air – hover low, and travel just above the ground – and they could even go into the Ocean and travel under the water!” he told us. We all grinned. Some of the other people had memories of such things, and we all took turns sharing our personal experiences.

“The only thing that I can remember…,” I said when it came to be my turn, “…is how terribly disappointed I was when I first started to drive!” “Everything seemed wrong to me,” I told the group, “…that all the silly car could do was to travel along the road!” “It was stupid – and as a young kid, I got angry at the car!” “I kept feeling that it SHOULD FLY!” “This feeling was over-whelming to me, that for many months after I started driving – I kept visualizing the car – lifting up off of the road, and going into the air like it was supposed to!”

“Of course – THAT NEVER HAPPENED!” I finished, and the group chuckled.   Many others in the circle told of similar experiences they had had, and we all laughed at the limited technology that we thought EARTH was using at the time! (We had no idea then of the Secret Space Program – or that Teleportation and Time Travel had been re-covered by DARPA and was being hidden from us).

“What kind of fuel did they use?” a person asked.  Randy smiled. “They did not use fuel – they ran on CRYSTAL AMPLIFICATION!” he said.

“What’s that?” the person asked. “Crystal amplification was the harnessing and re-directing of the actual morphogenic field of the planetary body. It was exceptionally advanced technology and was used to power everything Atlantis did!”

“How was it that their cars could go under the water?” the same person asked.

“The Atlanteans had placed relay “towers” or other large structures under the Ocean in many places – especially nearer to their shores. These relay structures amplified the beneficial energy being “broadcast” through the air – down under the water – so that the “cars” could travel underneath the water on similar waves, but varied a little bit due to the nature of the water.”

“These towers were “tuned” in such a way such that they had a dual purpose,” he added. “Each structure or tower also “resonated” at a certain beneficial frequency – so as to heal and to clean the water all around it, which made the oceans very, very clean and crystal clear all around Atlantis.” he continued.

“The visibility underneath the water was literally hundreds of feet in any direction and the “cars” had transparent canopies which gave the traveler a 360 degree view in all directions.”

“When the “accident” occurred which destroyed Atlantis” – he said – “Much of the super advanced technology was never properly turned off!” “It was directly connected by advanced technology into the planetary morphogenic field through the “GRID SYSTEM” which operates even today as a highly magnetic, and extremely electrical system!” he added.

“That morphogenic field is no longer capable of the same type of wave amplification of energy – since the planet is no longer operating on a high enough frequency to generate that power without alot of help.” he said very sadly.

Some of us in the circle nodded our agreement – if we at all could understand what he was saying or had memories of our own to compare it to.

“THE GRID – has been hi-jacked” he said then, shaking his head in dismay. “It is being used for terrible and horrible things!” and he almost burst into tears!

Randy was one of the most sensitive and gentle souls I had ever met – and if he felt it – he would cry quite easily.  We felt sad for him and let him have his moment.

He lifted his head suddenly – pulling himself together. “I do actually have memories of standing on the shore overlooking the ocean, and as far as the eye could see, the water was crystal clear!”  he sniffeled.
“In fact it was so clean and so clear, that the color of the ocean was not blue – but instead was a sort of “electric silver” in color!  There was not enough stuff in the water to reflect the sky and most of the sun light was absorbed differently.”

“All you could see was the silver ocean in all directions.” he said.

“Some of those under water structures, I was telling you about are actually still in operation today!” he then told us, “although they are operating on only stand-by energy.”

“What do you mean stand-by energy?” someone asked.  “It’s like emergency lighting that comes on – when the main power is cut off!” he said.

“A back up if you will – no where near the power that was originaly being used.  But there are a large number of Atlantean systems still operating on the planet today – either on stand by power – or still hooked into parts of the GRID in areas where the energy could not be siphoned off and re-directed!”

“If you go to the Virgin Islands, or anywhere around that area of the Caribbean – the water there is still very, very clean, and very clear! It has nothing to do with the currents there – it is simply the Atlantean technology that is still functioning even today, and keeping the water there very clean.” he said smiling.


On another occasion,  Randy told me of the time when he was driving down the freeway, and happened to come upon a very bad car crash – where there were already emergency people on the scene. He told me that he stopped to see if he could help in any way, and since it was still the mid 1980’s – and the police and emergency people had not yet been taught and trained to be totally paranoid of the “people” around them — or taught to shoot them on sight – he was actually able to walk up to some of the police and emergency people and offer them a hand, which they gratefully accepted.

Randy had a “personal guardian angel” that he used to actually converse with.  He had told me this many times, so I just sort of accepted that, when he referred to it.   It was his guardian, he said, who told him to stop, and to see if he could help, and when he did – there were several people who were severely injured, and also the body of a small boy laying on the road that the medical people had already declared “dead”.

His guardian told him that the boy was not really dead – and that he could bring him back if he worked with him quickly. Randy politely asked the (NON-PARANOID) emergency people if he could try to help the boy – and they agreed to let him try.

He told me that he carefully picked the boy up and held him gently in his arms, simply allowing all of the energy that he had in his own body to flow freely into the child. He held him for several minutes, praying intensely and increasing the flow of energy, until the boy got so hot – he thought he was burning him. After about 5 minutes, the child started to respond and Randy called the emergency people to then come and take over.

“Needless to say – they were in shock” – he told me.

I smiled at their apparent lack of faith in “energetic healing” which I had learned could actually work quite well on the human body, if the healer was one who could generate and control that kind of energy.

It was then that Randy told me a related story about the time that he took a trip to Italy – and ended up in Rome doing some sight seeing.

“I was at the VATICAN” he said, “…just minding my own business and looking around at the sights,” he said, “…when out of the blue – this guy walks up to me and says – “…come with me, there is someone who wants to meet you!”

“I told the guy he must have the wrong person – that I didn’t know anyone at the Vatican.”

“It’s okay,” the man persisted, “There is someone really important who wants to meet you!”

“Was it the Pope?” I asked. “If only -”  he said.   “Well who then?” I asked again.

He frowned.

“I was taken to a large room – in one of the many buildings there, with a very long conference table in it. There was a man sitting at one end of the table – and from the very moment I entered the room – I felt in danger!”
“I immediately called to my guardian for protection and placed a shield of love all around me.” “Who was IT?” I asked a third time.

“All I know was this man felt like PURE EVIL to me!” “I could feel it in every fibre of my body,” he added.

“And he was hanging out at the VATICAN?” I asked incredulously.

“There are very “few” good people at the VATICAN,” he told me cryptically, and I looked at him wondering what he meant.

“Well what did he want?” I asked a 4th time. “He said he just wanted to meet me!”

“I told him that I was NOT AFRAID OF HIM – and that he would be sorry if he tried to hurt me.” Randy said.

“He assured me that he would not hurt me – but was very surprised that I had managed to bring that small boy back life – when the emergency people had already pronounced him dead.”

“…That kind of power is unusual in a human – he told me quite simply,” Randy said.
“He looked me over as if he was trying to access who I really was with a sort of strange interest – and all the while he was doing that – I was praying desperately for protection because his presence was totally on the negative side as far as I was concerned.”

“What are you even doing here? – I asked him, as he was looking me over,”   Randy told me.

“I LIVE HERE” was the answer that he gave.

“But it wasn’t the pope?” I said.

“NO,” Randy said shaking his head. “This guy was very, very bad news!”

“How old was he?” I asked. “I don’t know – He gave me some information about himself that at the time I found very hard to accept.” Randy said. “We had a limited exchange of information, while I was hoping to get out of there!”

“Part of what he told me was that he was well over a million years old –  and that he had powers that most human beings could not begin to understand.”

“But he looked human?” I said. “He appeared to be human,” Randy said, “but I doubt that he was. He just “felt” to be about the most evil person I’d ever come into contact with.”

“I left as soon as I could – and felt lucky to be alive to tell you the truth!”

There was another time that Randy told me about, when he had an experience between himself and his own guardian.  It was the early 1980’s, and he said that he was traveling through a Native American Reservation – one of the most restrictive ones there were at the time – where most of the homes were tiny and in poor condition!  He started to cry and when he did – his guardian communicated with him and asked him WHY he was so upset!

Randy told him that he was sad to see that so many Native Americans were living in such squalor on these reservations and were not free – like they had been once upon time.

His guardian then told him that the “Indians” that were living in the most impoverished circumstances, were not living there as a result of being herded there by the Government.  The ones that were living the very worst lives on those reservations, his guardian told him, were the very people who actually PUT THE INDIANS ON THOSE RESERVATIONS in their past lives!”

“That was what they had “earned” – his guardian told him.  “Put your tears away – and do not cry too much!”

“Although some of the men and women now living on Reservations do not deserve what they are getting, it will most certainly be made up to them in the future!” the guardian continued speaking to Randy.

“Those who are currently the most ardent supporters of continued restrictions and of human suffering – are creating horrible circumstances for themselves, coming up in very near future lives!” his guardian said finishing.

Randy told me this story in the middle 1990’s and when I heard it – it made alot of sense to me.  Naturally, since that time – I do believe that the Secret Space Program and the Secret Military have been using every piece of advanced technology they have ever found or gotten from “off worlders” to actually create a “designer time-line” or to push our “reality” into a different frequency or a different dimension.

So that “reality” would be something “they” had more control over!  So at this time – it’s anyone’s guess as to how much control the angels or guardians actually have over the re-incarnation cycle and who goes where!

That is – If it was ever necessary to re-incarnate here at all!

To be continued!

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