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Ra, isnt that the name of amen-Ra?

and there is this...


When you combine this nasty little R letter with the vowels, what you get are the Kabalistic sounds that are used extensively to manipulate. RA is the father god Ra, of ancient Egypt. This is Amen-RA, the source for the word Amen, used by Jews, Muslims and Christians alike, in their worship filled prayers. The christian lord’s prayer goes something like “Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thine name…” and ends up something like “for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever…AMEN“. This is Amen-Ra, the ancient Egyptian sun god. Amen does not mean “so be it” or some other lunatic notion. It is the name of Amen Ra.

Consider the cheer – Ra Ra Ra! Ra Ra Ra! or the simple shout Hooray! or she looks so Radiant.

RA also gives us the word RAY as in the suns ray. Another example of RA with more overt sexuality is the word rabbit. Tammuz, the child saviour of ancient Babylon, is said to have liked rabbits. The rabbit is a HARE. In this word hare, H stands for Horus, the child saviour of Egypt. A is the pyramid with the All Seeing Eye capstone cross line. A is then combined next to the R which symbolically pushes our RA button (in reverse) and ends with an E next to the R. The E is silent, and when hare is read in reverse with a silent E, all it’s saying is RAH, the name of the sun god. It can also be pronounced RAY, because the sun god is the ray of light for the world. The HARE word is the same sound as HAIR. Also, the silent E at the end of Hare is not just to look good. This the letter that refers to El, the father of all gods. This is the El-ect of god. This is derived from the beam of light energy atom symbol, and is symbolizing the Electrical Energy that forms the 3 dimensional illusory world we see.

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