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Quiet Peace, Quiet Love Heavenletters Via Gloria Wendroff

Quiet Peace, Quiet Love
Via Gloria Wendroff

God said:

Peace and love are synonymous. Love, like peace, does not have to have a thunderous drum roll. Love does not require lightning and fireworks. Quiet peace, quiet love. When you are in peace, you are being without fanfare. Peace is not boring. Really, you do not need all the sensations you surround yourself with.

Peace be unto you is a great blessing. And you can be at peace. You do not need to desire tumult in your life. Life is not meant to be riding a roller coaster. Love is not meant to be tumultuous. The movie marquees say Torrid Love. Do you really desire to be blown away or might you like to be in peace with a faithful friend by your side? I am that Friend, and you are Mine, and all are friends if only peace were known.

Think of the difference between what you covet and what you desire. Desire for good and you will not covet.

There is no peace without love. When you love, you can breathe and you are at peace. Peace is far more than absence of strife. Absence of strife, however, is a good place for peace to begin to reveal itself.

True love cannot stay at a peak of excitement. True love is more like a...+

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