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URGENT MESSAGE FROM LITTLE GRANDMOTHER October 18, 2010 Dear Friends of One Heart and Tribe of Many Colors, I personally wish to address the issue of what is being written about me on a particular we…

October 18, 2010

Dear Friends of One Heart and Tribe of Many Colors,

I personally wish to address the issue of what is being written about me on a particular web site (fraud site). I thought at first I would not give an ounce of my energy to such negative and ridiculous claims… But I see now that I need to address such actions because those who read them without knowing the truth of what I or the others being attacked on this site really are about or what it is we are doing in the world will be dreadfully misled. It is so sad to me that people would spend their time trying to damage the names of those who are working so hard in the world to simply spread the message of love, but I also know as long as there is good and love in the world there will also be negativity, darkness, cynicism... I ask the readers to listen with their own hearts to know what is true for them, as I always have asked, and do not judge without educating yourself on what is really being said and done. The list of outlandish remarks (such as that I wear a microphone in one photo and so must be a fraud!) go on and on… many are too shallow to justify with a response. Others who are also being attacked on this site are some of the most beautiful beings on our planet, such as the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders, Adam Yellow Bird, Drunvalo Melchizadek, all of whom all spend their lives dedicated to raising consciousness, awareness and love vibration. For the benefit of those who do not know me, and for those who support me but have been troubled by this sudden cropping up of negativity, please read the message below where we would like to set the record straight on a few matters, so that you do not carry doubt in your hearts and minds!.

With love and so much heart-felt gratitude,

Kiesha (Little Grandmother)

Response to Recent Misinformation on the Web about Little Grandmother

A very negative “forum” on the web has decided to categorize various spiritual teachers, leaders, and figures as “frauds” based on speculation, subjective opinion, and hackneyed misinformation. Recently this web site added Little Grandmother (Kiesha Crowther) to this list; We are extremely disheartened by the blatantly inaccurate and false allegations made by a few individuals in this forum, which have nevertheless been reaching the ears of many. Therefore we want to address some of the core allegations raised. While we know that such negative attacks are bound to arise in relation to becoming well-known on the internet, especially with the sensitive subjects that Kiesha is speaking of—such baseless attacks nevertheless cast a shadow and a doubt in people’s minds, regardless of their truth or validity—This is unfortunate, and one of the down-sides to the internet!

Is Kiesha Really Native American? Is she a Legitimate Shaman?

Kiesha’s maternal side of the family is Sioux and Salish, and comes from the Flathead Reservation in Montana. Even though Kiesha did not grow up among tribal traditions, and had grown up away from the tribe, she was nevertheless made a shaman and recognized as a shaman by the elders of this tribe at age 30 (she had actually been recognized and marked out at age 8 as a future shaman while attending a tribal ceremony.) However, (and this is important), Kiesha was told by these elders that her “tribe” was to be the “Tribe of Many Colors”. The elders were full aware that Kiesha did not know the indigenous ways… She was never intended to lead traditional ceremony in a tribal context, or to present herself as a representative of her particular tribe and its indigenous ways. To this day, she has never presented herself as a representative of her tribe’s traditions. Some people who have linked to her videos on the web or written about her may have incorrectly stated this association or made this assumption—but especially since she has become well-known, Kiesha has tried to never present or describe herself as a Sioux or Salish shaman. She is a Native American shaman, and this would be technically correct to say since she is part-Native American and was made shaman by her family’s tribe—However, she does not use this language because it implies that she is working within a traditional context. She has been taught to pray and lead ceremony in certain ways, and many of these are in fact traditional ways. But she does not pretend to know or to follow the traditions to a tee. That is not her role and purpose. If it were, she would have been summoned to move back to Montana and live among the tribe, serving as shaman there. While tribal members do occasionally seek her out and are referred to her for counsel, blessings, and healings (offered freely of course), her primary responsibility is to be shaman for the Tribe of Many Colors—which includes non-indigenous people of all backgrounds. Beyond her work as shaman, one of her major roles as wisdom-keeper is to speak and share the “messages” she receives with people all over the planet.

Who Recognizes Her as Shaman?

Not only has Kiesha been recognized by her family’s tribe as a shaman; in addition, she has been recognized as shaman of the “Tribe of Many Colors” by the spiritual elders of many indigenous tribes and peoples including the Cherokee, the Cheyenne, the Hopi, the Inuit, the Aboriginal people, the Waitaha, the Maori, the Maya, the Zulu, as well as the lamas of Nepal and Tibet. Gifts and medicine from these peoples began coming soon after she was initiated as shaman at age 30 and have been coming ever since. These peoples regard her as the incarnation of something very important—which Keisha has never wanted to make public or to give weight to. Frankly, the weight and responsibility of what many of these peoples regard her as is extremely intimidating to her and makes her anxious.

Kiesha’s elders are not from just one tribe—She is being guided by elders who comprise the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders from indigenous peoples all over the planet, as well as receiving direct teaching from spirit guides and indigenous elders past of several different traditions, including the Sioux and Salish. Whether this seems incredible and unbelievable to some, this is the case—If some people think that matters of utmost sacredness should conform to our cultural expectations and prerogatives, that Kiesha should be teaching tribal ways and if she is not then she cannot be a legitimate shaman and wisdom keeper--no one will be able to convince them otherwise. I personally have witnessed Kiesha receive teaching messages in Sioux (which she does not speak) from ancestors past. Why was a young white-looking woman who is not a full-blooded “Indian” and who grew up away from her ancestral tribe recognized as shaman by the tribal elders? This is a question to ask those who made her as shaman—she did not decide to become a shaman one day but was called to be.

Why do some Native Americans not know of her, and why do some Native Americans question her legitimacy?

Kiesha has received overwhelming support from indigenous people of many many tribes… There will always be individuals, both Native and non-Native, who question, who judge, who think that Kiesha is another white “imposter” appropriating Native American ways for profit. Unfortunately, our culture has too much of this, and it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Some people will be justifiably miffed that such a blond young white woman, not raised on the reservation, would be made shaman… passing over more suitable and appropriate candidates-- this might be the feeling of some people in her own family’s tribe, especially as many of them do not know her. But Kiesha, while Native American by blood and initiated by her family’s tribe, does not presume or pretend to present traditional Native ways and wisdom to the public. What she is speaking of includes and yet goes beyond indigenous prophecies and wisdom, and she does not teach the spiritual ways and customs of any particular tribe, but the wisdom she is taught by her spirit guides and asked to share, that crosses cultural boundaries. She is not implying that it is not important to preserve and present indigenous traditions in their fullness and purity, but only that it is not her role to do so, since she is not working in a tribal context but in a multicultural context. With utmost respect for her ancestral traditions, and for indigenous wisdom and ways, she has been taught that the time has come for all people to unite as children of one Mother, and to recognize a common brotherhood within the heart’s wisdom—that is neither indigenous nor non-indigenous, though the indigenous peoples of the earth hold powerful keys in remembering the way.

Who Are This Council, and Do They Really Exist?

Kiesha receives direction and guidance about the crystal ceremonies she needs to conduct on the planet, as well as other spiritual matters, from the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders, and from her own spirit guides. This Council does exist, whether or not they have an organization signified by a web site, nonprofit status, membership roster, charter and mission statement. If you look for them on the web you will find little. These are some of the wisest and most evolved elders from indigenous peoples all over the planet; they do not use the internet; they meet sometimes in the physical and sometimes on the etheric levels; yet they are real people, some of them well-known and powerful spiritual figures in the world. Again, we realize that for a skeptic this will not be sufficient proof and anything less than a membership roster will not convince them that this Council exists, nor that they are doing work of global and cosmic significance, however mysterious it appears. While skepticism can be healthy, and transparency is necessary on the societal level of religion, culture and politics, there are nonetheless many spiritual and cosmic good works underway by individuals and groups of individuals that cannot be made known to the internet masses—it would thwart what they are trying to do, and the “under the radar” nature of much that is happening and needs to happen on the planet right now. If Kiesha could reveal who is on this Council, (at least those she knows of and has spoken with), she would—but that is not her place to do so. If they decide to make themselves known, they will. Even she does not know all of those who are on this Council, and how exactly they meet, communicate and work. But she is guided by elders on this Council who communicate with her, sometimes through a translator, and also etherically, and she has been told that she is one of 12 “wisdom-keepers” who have been taught similar things by the ancestors and Mother Earth since they were children, and who have a special role to play on the planet at this time. Little Grandmother’s role, as you might imagine, has to do with communication of spiritual information and planetary messages on a large scale. In the end, you must use your heart to decide about the existence, authenticity and legitimacy of this Council of wise beings who are working for the benefit of the planet right now. May your eyes be open, and may you listen for the truth from your deepest hearts.



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Comment by Lydia on January 8, 2011 at 12:40pm

Thank You Trudy ;)

The Old System of Divide and Rule is crumbeling....Unity COnsciousness Is Of LOVE and Acceptance Of Each Other as We are ALL Divine Spiritual BEings of the Same Source/Love !

Time has Finaly Come for This Realizationa and Awakening to ONEness !  xox

Thank You for the Link Aurora !  xox  :)))

Comment by Trudy on January 8, 2011 at 12:33pm

I already send kiesha ''Little Grandmother'' a personal message...  I believe in her... my heart resonates with her and bringing the message of ultimately LOVE for our beloved Earth is something invaluable
and I treasure it  with all my LOVE...

Thank You Divine Lydia ... We are ALL ONE (^L^) In Lakéch & Namasté

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