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I'd like to share something and get some advice. I have read that ancient mystics and shamans used hallucinogenic plants for meditation or going into a trance. Well several months ago I was quitting smoking and I was
using 24 hour nicotine patches (which have been known to cause nightmares). I
was also on a certain anti-depressant. During that time I was getting some
incredible and crazy vivid dreams, most of which consisted of seeing UFO’s up
close and personal (I was most disappointed to wake up and find that it wasn’t
really happening).

But in one I was an eye whiteness to a common disaster scenario, I was in a city where everyone was running in panic, I looked up to see two huge fiery balls streaking towards whatever city I was in. It seemed that one
of the fiery balls (which was smaller than the other) had broken off from the

After that there was some strange imagery that wouldn’t be out of place in a David Lynch movie.

Can anyone give me an opinion if this was just a conjuration of my own imagination manifested by Nicotine and anti-depressants? Or if anyone else had a similar dreams.

At the moment I am an open minded sceptic, but I’d just like to talk to someone about it who knows more than me and perhaps explore the possibilities.

Respect, Piece and Love


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Comment by Kal'Narred on April 8, 2010 at 11:00am
That's awesome! If I'd had that experience I'd consider guided hypnosis to find out if there’s a connection.
Is that something you’d try?
Comment by Kal'Narred on April 8, 2010 at 8:44am
I think I understand what you are saying Simone. I have read that dreams, even nightmares, are a natural process and may be part of our brain processing information or preparing us for a possible future trauma. I believe that every aspect of us, from the energy field around us down to the individual components of DNA have multiple purposes. I believe that nature and creation is very efficient that way.

When I was younger I had many experiences of de-ja-vous, not only that, I had clear memories of dreams of unlikely events in my life which actually came true (frighteningly accurately). When I was sixteen (after watching a certain episode of Red Dwarf) I came up with the concept that whilst in REM state the mind might shift into a reverse time state where the future was a memory and the past had yet to happen.
Comment by Kal'Narred on April 8, 2010 at 8:30am
I was never afraid in any of the dreams, if anything I was excited that I was experiencing something that was shattering my sense of reality.

During the Apocalyptic dream (after observing the fireballs) I ran down an alley where there was a pregnant woman, (here’s where it gets dark) later on the pregnant woman was on an operating table/chair, a team of doctors had removed her arms and legs. I was disgusted and furious and I screamed at the doctors “why have you done this?”. One doctor replied in a self-righteous tone “for the baby of course”.

After thinking about it I’d theorised that the pregnant mother might be the earth and the unborn baby might be us.

Perhaps the point was that the baby needing the mothers limbs to be destroyed made as much sense as us needing the earth to be destroyed. The doctors were the politicians, leaders of industry, whatever, selling us the necessity of the insanity that runs our society.

Any opinions?
Comment by brandy rox on April 7, 2010 at 8:41pm
I agree with ullan, dreams are in my experience lessons for the self to understand or communicate to the conscious mind. Perhaps try thinking through the events in your dream as they occur and try to connect them to actual things in your life, the FIRST thing that comes to mind, however crazy or illogical it may sound, just first impression, write it down. then take a moment and read what you wrote without judgement. perhaps there is learning to be glimpsed. worth a try. then you can think second and third impressions to hone in on it. No doubt if you remembered it, there is something for you in it. It is worth consideration :)

I also agree with patricia that dreams are a different reality or dimension and her suggestions are right on.
Comment by brandy rox on April 7, 2010 at 7:17pm
Aloha Kal'Narred

I can relate to having dreams of an apocalyptic nature. I have had dreams of terrible events before, and I can think of like 3 or 4 that come into mind. One being when I was in a highrise condo thing and the far wall was all glass and it looked down upon the whole city (not sure which one) There were people gathered, dressed very richly, drinking champagne and it was like they were gathered for a new years party or something. Then everyones attention turned to the view out the window when bomb hit and a mushroom cloud erupted what looked like across town, from our view, you could see the entire thing and I just kept thinking, why are all these people celebrating such a terrible tragic thing?

The next one was I was in a mountainous region, where people built hoses on long roads that lined the ridges of the mountains. There was fighting and battle going on but I felt no fear, I was just supposed to find my son where ever he was, so things were blowing up and I was fearless just keeping moving in the direction of my son.

Another one was a little more difficult to explain, but I have seen all sizes and colors of air ships (fron the enterprise when I was 9 to massive rocketships to black spherical, metal lattice crafts) and nuclear blasts from a few different perspectives.

I try to write down as much information as I can and I keep track of the ones that are more vivid than others.
Love to you always, friend

Comment by Ullan on April 7, 2010 at 7:14pm
Dreams are very personal, and any explanation that I might attempt to give will inevitably be tinted by the sum of my earthly experiences and the odd matrix of my thought processes. Everyone is 'wired' differently, so continue to seek your own explanation.

As near as I can tell, the 'fireball destroying huge city' is such a common trope in modern action movies that it has nearly indelibly become a matter of racial memory. It signifies the 'end' of something structured and organized, an end to something that one had assumed would endure forever... and an end that comes suddenly at that.

Be it one fireball or two, the message is the same: sudden and irreversible change that threatens to bring chaos. My opinion on this imagery would be that your body has rebelled against your attempt to quit smoking (well done, by the by, keep it up, you don't need these cancer sticks to survive!) and conjured up the most terrible image it could in an attempt to sway you.

As for seeing UFO's up close, if they have the regular disk shape that we've come accustomed to, or somehow resembles something seen in Sci-Fi, this is likely your mind again projecting a captured image into your dream.

We're a very interesting animal...

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