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Project Blue Beam Countdown: Don't Bet On It ~

According to the latest flurry of internet rumors, Project Blue Beam is supposed to take place on Wednesday, October 13, 2010.

This is said to be a false-flag operation in which an alien invasion scenario is undertaken in order to create a one-world global police state.

I am not sure who originated this latest rumor, nor why the date of October 13, 2010 was selected. Perhaps it was this person. I do know, however, that the claims for Project Blue Beam were first made in 1994 by Serge Monast, a Quebecois Canadian.

The Death of Serge Monast

Monast argued that NASA and United Nations were working together to implement a New Age religion and and start a New World Order, with the Antichrist at its head. He only got the chance to make this claim for a few years. In late 1996, Monast died under circumstances that, to some people around him, seemed suspicious.

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