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Subject: Some Clarity
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 16:39:59 -0400

The Isley Brothers: Freedom Lyrics
Songwriters: Isley, O Kelly Jr; Jasper, Christopher H; Isley, Ernie; Isley, Ronald;
Isley, Rudolph; Isley, Marvin;

Freedom, this is what I call freedom

Well, I wanna say, I wanna tell you
I wanna say when you can do what you wanna do
And go where you wanna go
And live where you wanna live
And love who you wanna love

And be what you wanna be
Join what you wanna join
Well, well, well, that's freedom
Yeah, yeah, freedom, yes sir

When you can learn what you wanna learn
And read what you wanna read

(Free, free, free)

And write what you wanna write

(Free, free, free)

Do what you feel is right

(Free, free, free)

Hey, hey, hey, hey, freedom, freedom
Oh yeah, freedom, freedom, freedom
Oh yeah, freedom, oh that's freedom, freedom
Freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom, oh yeah

Free, free, free
Free, free, free
Free, free, free
Free, free, free

When you can eat what you wanna eat
And sleep where you wanna sleep
And say what you wanna say
I like the children play what they wanna play

And work when you wanna work
Flirt when you wanna flirt
Oh, that's freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom
Freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom

When you can laugh when you wanna laugh
And cry when you wanna cry

(Free, free, free)

And don't have to feel ashamed

(Free, free, free)

Sing the song you wanna sing

(Free, free, free)

When you can buy what you wanna buy

(Free, free, free)

When no one to ask you why

(Free, free, free)

Dress the way you wanna dress

(Free, free, free)

Just because you feel the space

(Free, free, free)

Rock the way you wanna rock

(Free, free, free)

Talk the way you wanna talk

(Free, free, free)

Shake the way you wanna shake

(Free, free, free)

No one to put you at

(Free, free, free)

Oh, that's freedom, freedom
Freedom, freedom, oh yeah
Freedom, that's freedom, freedom, freedom
Freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom
Freedom, oh, freedom, freedom, freedom
Freedom, freedom, freedom

Greetings and Salutations;

The first thing I want to say, forgive me for jumping the gun, last week. So much had been accomplished, I forgot an important detail, that had to be finished. The payout of the farm claims people, the trigger that puts everything down into the people's hands. Not the people themselves had been called but, the mechanics, that handle all that paperwork. There were many who were reporting the same and I mean people who should've known that important difference. It required a call to my 'failsafe' folks to get it least I got them. I was told to be patient, it takes a moment to handle all that. Understand, the Hague was also involved in that lawsuit against this government so all legalities would be impeccable. From the looks of things out here, there's a whole bunch of old lawsuits being cleaned up now.

While they had started the process in feb 09, with them getting the first tranche, it was not finished because, the cabal threw everything but the kitchen sink to delay it. Heavy lumber was moved and huge financial injections were done to assure the finish of everything on the table..or shall I say, the past was cleaned up. In the next little bit many secrets will be revealed to the masses, no one is recreating sliced bread here. All of you will come to appreciate how much work had to be put in, so that not only would you have money but also have a future that doesn't have goons trying to start this mess up again. As it has been put to me, 'there are many surprises that will fire off, when the plug is cleared out of the way'. Watch the issue about currencies, suddenly come to an abrupt halt.

Here's little something to look at during this political season. This ought to make a person think one more time before walking into the voting booth. This country is returning to it's constitution, as a part of this money shift.

Did you know that Roosevelt came out with another bill of rights before he passed? Europe used them in their rebuilding after the war, but they never saw the light of day over here;

Look at what else has to be cleaned up!

So, if all goes smoothly in a couple of days and doesn't take another week to clear, everyone will start embracing their new found freedom. Be well, all of you. Look forward, as the gateway to freedom is opened to one and all. I see it's cracked open, lot of people catching the draft, and got the sniffles. lololol Email this address if you need a consult at this late moment.

Love and Kisses,


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