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Paramagnetic Alignments Live International Tele-Session

Saturday  April 7,  2018  9:00 AM - 11 :00 AM (Pacific/Las Vegas Time)  - $75

Enter the Cave of Secrets to explore and discover the mysteries of your eternal soul!   Journey with Galactic Masters Soltec, Hatonn, Voltra and Ballerian into a never seen before realm of cosmic dreams and visions.  Our experience in this secret world will inspire many soul awakenings and revelations that will shed a wondrous light on your life on Earth.

 Paramagnetic Alignments

This is a set of four paramagnetic alignments plus activations given directly to you by Bryan. This session will create a dramatic realignment and activation of your four lower bodies (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual). During these alignments each individual will experience personal healings, inner initiations and massive soul retrieval. The alignments include:

An incredible experience you will never forget! Come join us!

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New 2018 Paramagnetic Alignments - Enter the Cave of Secrets





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