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Our Monad, Part 2, From 3D To 4D And 5D

Our Monad Part 2
From 3D To 4D And 5D
By Lev,

As Disclosure News narrated earlier, Souls incarnate on Earth from a multitude of Monadic streams (families) moving in the Greater Cosmos through special channels (see – Disclosure News, Operations in Germany, Part 2, 11 December 2021).

To incarnate, they pass through the Sun (Portal), enter through the North Pole into the channel leading to the core, and exit it to a Subtle Plan in near-Earth space. Here they are preparing to enter the human body at its conception, or to move into an already existing corpus, by agreement replacing the Soul that was in it.

Monadic flows differ in the dimensions of habitat and origin, the structure of the Souls’ Matrix, programs and many other parameters. There are Monads whose manifestation bodies are planets, stars, constellations and entire Galaxies. They inhabit the highest dimensions and materialize on Earth for special missions.

There are Monadic flows in the worlds inhabited by Dark, Gray and Light civilizations. The first two reside in eons no higher than 5D, the latter in any dimensions.

The Matrices of Monads also differ. In some, the core, a small orb of blue plasma with a Spark inside, is covered with a hexagonal grid. The surface is divided into many cells – honeycombs. From its each corner, rays go inside, folding into a cone. The sharp end of it is immersed in the golden radiation of the core.+++

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