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"Our Men on the Moon ~ The Truth behind our manned lunar missions revealed" - A commentary by Sheldan Nidle

A Commentary By Sheldan Nidle

“For untold centuries, our ancestors dreamed of traveling to the Moon and back. Only in the last century has such a seemingly impossible journey become feasible. Interest peaked in the 1960s, with the ’space race’ between the United States and the Soviet Union. Out of that competition, eventually, emerged the Apollo Moon program. Apollo sent nine crews of astronauts on missions to either circumnavigate or land on the Moon. Still, many questions surround these missions, including: Did Apollo actually land on the Moon? What did the Apollo astronauts actually encounter while en route to the Moon? What did they experience while on the Moon? Let us now review these cogent questions to see what really occurred.

The Truth About the Moon
Contrary to popular belief, our Moon is not actually Earth’s natural satellite, but an artificial one that replaced Mother Earth’s natural satellites during the tragic, long-ago destructions of Lemuria and, later, Atlantis. The unmanned probes that landed on the Moon in the early and mid-1960s conducted experiments proving that the Moon ‘rang like a bell’, an unusual phenomenon that resulted from the enormous titanium alloy shell upon which the Moon’s crust is laid. Moreover, the Moon’s atmosphere is very slight, with a specific gravity much higher than the commonly held and popularly expounded beliefs of Earth’s scientific community. Also, between Earth and Moon exists a multi-layered band of radiation called the Van Allen Belt that can make any trip to Earth’s moon potentially dangerous.

Apollo’s Bizarre Beginnings
For most of the 1960s, Apollo labored under the burden of a martyred president’s mandate to land U.S. astronauts on the Moon before the end of the decade. Consequently, the real powers behind the ’space race’ were pressured to engage in some apparently bizarre behaviors, which caused its deepest detractors to raise serious questions about the Apollo program’s validity. To its scientific critics, the Apollo program seemed either to be an enormous hoax or a massive ‘cover-up’.

In fact, it was both. Apollo was surrounded by a massive UFO cover-up, as well as by a space agency ‘up to its eyeballs’ in the exotic technology that resulted from that cover-up. Global black operations, created by the world’s ruling cabals so as to deal with the ‘alien presence’ and its exotic technology, kept close watch on the space race. Remember that the period of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s abounded in the many outlandish consequences of the ‘cold war’, and Apollo proved to be no exception. The Moon was the site of various alien bases and of a strategic ‘high ground’ much coveted by our military leaders and planners.

Was Apollo a Hoax or a Cover-up or was it Real?
The Moon was a future base that had already been secretly occupied by different groups of off-worlders and their invited guest – global black ops. Many leaders in global black ops saw Apollo as a way to acquire some important advantages for their earthly masters with these strange ‘off-worlders’. But they still required a neat, squeaky-clean, ‘apple pie’ cover story to prevent sudden public uproar concerning the covered-up existence of these ETs.

To the public, these highly publicized men with the ‘right stuff’ were the heroes of the Apollo mission, courageously traveling through outer space on normal, rocketry-equipped hardware. In fact, the astronauts were merely pawns, held to secrecy by governmental non-disclosure oaths.

Nothing was, as it appeared to be. A complex plot with sinister goals was now afoot. Apollo had to go to the Moon, but not just to discover what was there. In reality, the Apollo project was to be used to create a form of ‘bargaining chip’ for use in ongoing negotiations with global black ops’ highly secret ‘allies’ – a group of dark star-nations.

Beginning in the late 1950s, this same group of dark off-worlders had brought several specially selected military and civilian scientists to their inner-Moon bases. Global black ops acquired their alien-based technology by either retrieving ‘crashed’ UFOs or back-engineering vehicles that the dark aliens had given them. Yet global black ops felt that they lacked an essential tool. They needed to discover extra ways to accumulate more advanced alien technology and to obtain greater freedom for their special operations at the alien Moon bases. Global black ops needed a ploy. They invented Apollo.

Apollo’s Smoke and Mirrors
The Apollo project needed to develop some very special hardware in order to meet its end-of-decade deadline. To the public, this hardware had to appear normal at all times. The global community had to firmly believe that we went to the Moon using only advanced rocketry and other ’state-of-the-art’ technology. In addition, Apollo’s secret payloads, including the advanced alien technology, had to be easily hidden. Moreover, the Moon had to appear exactly as Earth’s scientists had previously described it. To enable this to happen, the Apollo project, from its inception, was divided into three parts, like Caesar’s Gaul. First, global black ops established a specially constructed television studio at a secret Earth location. Second, Apollo astronauts were deliberately given badly focused or ‘grainy’ video cameras for use on the Moon. Third, to make Apollo seem real enough and so as not to reveal the existence of the dark ETs and their exotic technology, the Apollo project later released a number of ‘doctored’ and/or specially made photographs. Selected optical scientists and technicians, ‘borrowed’ from other global black ops projects, had manufactured them.

Initially, the Apollo project required unusually high levels of internal secrecy and of specially focused publicity. In order to succeed, global black ops had again to consult their true masters – the sundry groups of secret cabals that long had exerted influence in controlling Earth’s high finances and its various governments. The mass media had to be prevented from delving into the ‘right places’ and destroying this very expensive cover-up. Essential government departments and their allied agencies, which were involved in the Apollo project, needed to be kept from taking part in any sudden ‘independent investigations’. A manufactured ‘united front’ such as this was needed to carry out the massive cover-up successfully. Thus, at all times, Apollo had to create the outward appearance of being non-military. According to this fiction, Apollo was simply a fact-finding scientific expedition to our closest neighbor – the Moon. On the contrary, Apollo was actually global black ops’ mission to show the dark ‘aliens’ our secret trump card, thereby gaining much-needed concessions from them.

For Apollo to reach the Moon, global black ops employed some of its back-engineered alien technology, which was expressly designed to assist Apollo in successfully landing on the Moon and returning to Earth. This equipment was also able to protect the three-man crew from any dangerous radiation they encountered while in Earth-Moon space. Global black ops deeply believed that both good and bad aliens would closely watch over Apollo’s many voyages to the Moon. Therefore, they developed a specific code to communicate important facts to ground control. But this code had a second, more sinister intent – to keep the public from knowing what was really happening to Apollo. For example, on one flight, UFOs were identified as ‘Santa Claus’ and, during a Christmas circumnavigation of the Moon, one astronaut stated, “there really is a Santa Claus”. According to the code, he meant that many alien observational craft (or UFOs) surrounded Apollo. Many other ‘tricks’ were involved in carrying out this elaborate cover-up.

A Trip to the Moon
Each manned Apollo mission to the Moon was carried out as a three-part project. First, the actual Apollo crew and their immediate equipment. Second, the constant series of secret television studio work that was needed to convey the image of a dark, foreboding and airless Moon. Lastly, the post-flight photo shoots that provided much-needed ‘doctored’ lunar photographs. As mentioned earlier, these photographs were meticulously produced to keep the Apollo cover-up going. A series of global black ops ‘producers’ and their large crews wove all of these elements together. These producers had direct access to the Apollo mission and to its major ground stations, including Apollo mission control centers in Texas and Florida. Every aspect was followed according to a pre-arranged script. The ill-fated Apollo 13 mission was the only exception. However, Apollo 13’s difficulties were due, not to an exploding fuel cell, but to carrying an illegal cargo, consisting of a small plutonium bomb, to the Moon.

This mission was cut short by the rapid, well-placed burst from a particle beam weapon carried onboard a trailing UFO craft. The true secret agenda of global black ops had been duly discovered and thwarted. Global black ops intended to send such ‘devices’ to the Moon and use them to gain additional concessions from their dark off-world allies. Global black ops also used incidents such as these to illustrate one crucial point to their dark allies. Regardless of what happened in space, black ops were always able to conceal these incidents as easily as they had the decades-long conspiracy involving the dark star-nations. Apollo 13 was graciously helped home by several friendly UFO craft nearby. With the help of tractor beams and other life-supporting technology, the UFO crafts allowed Apollo 13, first, to circumnavigate the Moon and, then, to land successfully on Earth.

Apollo: Its Lessons
This sudden discovery brought about the expected dissolution of the manned Apollo Moon program. Collectively, Galactic Federation of Light forces based upon the Moon and on Mars, as well as those of the dark star-nations, soon prohibited further manned missions to these spheres. This decision forced the cancellation of the proposed Apollo missions that had been scheduled beyond the mandated Apollo 17 mission.

The simple truth was that Apollo was not really intended to take man to the Moon. Beneath the Hollywood-type production and vast cover-up, the Apollo mission was an attempt at lunar sabotage and skulduggery. Apollo’s quick demise brought an end to the first chapters in America’s highly publicized manned space flight programs. It did not, however, end global black ops’ back-engineered technology programs, or its true ’star wars’ plans. The truth is out there. However, as the saying goes, that is another story.”

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Comment by CHRISTINA on November 7, 2012 at 3:47pm

Comment by CHRISTINA on April 21, 2010 at 5:29pm
"........ our Moon is not actually Earth’s natural satellite, but an artificial one that replaced Mother Earth’s natural satellites during the tragic, long-ago destructions of Lemuria and, later, Atlantis."

Interestingly, "the size of the Earth is in harmonics with (in phi ratio to) the Moon, and these ratios are found in the proportions of our human energy fields..... or the human energy field contains the size of the Earth we live on and the Moon that moves around her!" Coincidence???

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