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For those of you who aren't aware of what energies we are going to raise today in an hour or so. Please go to the videos section of the site and type in Shelley Yates. She describes what we are going to do today. Most thing it's a healing of Mother earth. It's more about us visualizing a perfect, loving, peaceful and harmonious planet "The new world".

Some have mentioned to me that Mother earth has said that she is not in need of healing and this is true. She is well capable of healing herself.

So please look for the videos here in the video archives and you will see that she's explaining that we are going to be sending back out into the cosmos the energies that we brought in last year. So when we send this release of energy that's stored in the Brazilian crystal beds it will be coded with our intent and request for the perfect planet we all KNOW IS COMING!

Thanks to all of you who will be participating. I've already been getting my "chicken skin" identity signal from my guides and it's been a wonderful morning a preparations.

Love, peace and harmony to your all!

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