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Obama Deception Movie by Alex Jones

Just finished watching the movie @ (12 parts), it was good IMO.. (Part 1)
Part 2-12, the rest is up to you to find out..

What if the movie is True, which I believe the most rather than being false, then what about all these sites that supports Obama to be a lightworker. Lightworker sites including this one?

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Comment by kBzz on March 13, 2009 at 6:51pm

But my main concern was a UFO Disclosure, 911Truth.. Some believed that before First Contact happens, those things will come first or needed to come first so that the masses will open their mind.. So what IF, Obama is their puppet.. Those disclosures will not happen, or it will happen, but not as we expected to be. Maybe another false flag operation, like a FAKE ET invasion.. Just for an example.. And IF again.. IF it's true, then what about the people who always tell us that OBAMA is a lightworker, that he'll lead the people to the New Earth.. Are they considered Fraud too? I've been reading a lot channelings, most of them supports Obama.. Hope our brothers & sisters, will do their intervention soon..

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