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Not everything is as it seems!  As I move around the alternative news sites looking hard at what is “apparently” happening in our world – I have to say that NOT ONE THING we are being told is really what is happening.

I have trouble posting articles from other sites that say this or say that – when I know for a fact that what has been written is FAR from the entire story!

Honestly – I like going to personal sites like REMOVING THE SHACKLES simply because “D” really digs deeply into what has been said…, either on the NEWS or even the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA – and then literally rips it apart!  She rips it to shreds and looks at the under belly and digs until she gets to the TRUTH!

The stuff that they NEVER WANTED US TO SEE!

My site is not just about information…, It’s all about the TRUTH – regardless of who or what may seemingly get offended by the telling of it!

I’m not here to just “make people feel good”…, I’m not here to tell people a bedtime story and tell them everything will be OKAY in the end.

That is the very reason the CABAL literally LOATHES mankind – and you can find it written in the DOCUMENT CALLED: SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS.

They have used this very idea that adults need to be tucked in and told everything is going to be OKAY in the end as the VERY REASON that we collectively deserve to be lied to – that we deserve to be taken for everything we have – only because WE COLLECTIVELY REFUSE to stand up on our own feet – and would not be able to wipe our nose without the help of the ELITES AND THE GOVERNMENT!

Those exact words are found in: SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS!

I have received countless E-MAILS from really loving people who tell me to please continue my blog and that they really LOVE what I am doing for humanity!

I have also received a few E-MAILS asking me why I care about humanity so much!  These are definitely Illuminati type!

In these e-mails, I was told that I was really intelligent and should be working for the government, and that there was always a place for really smart people there!

These persons have told me that humanity are a bunch of really dumb animals and that they NEED THE WAKE UP CALL THAT IS QUICKLY COMING THEIR WAY!

I’ve been told (by these people) that THEY TOO are trying to get humanity to make progress – but they are doing it by “forcing them” to wake up out of their slumber by causing all of this destruction around them. By forcing them to work for nothing, and by taking EVERYTHING THEY HAVE – until they finally WAKE UP and use their own minds and their power!  (I’m not sure I believed that….)

So, here I am getting it from both sides.   Even the CABAL sees me as some sort of “awake” person apparently – and sends me little messages here and there.

The point to this is that I ALSO really want HUMANITY to wake up and take RESPONSIBILITY for their own lives!  But I am not going to do that in a way that is hurtful to them or unkind!

There is a big difference between my BLOG and others you find out there!  I will NEVER tell you to wait for a SAVIOUR to come and save you!

In my BLOG – you will only hear that the SAVIOUR lives “inside” of you!  That your OWN SOUL is the closest thing to a SAVIOUR YOU HAVE!  You will hear on my blog that by taking RESPONSIBILITY for your own thoughts and lives and what is going on around you – you will effectively be SAVING YOURSELF and will not need someone from outside of you to do it!

On my blog you will hear that LOVE is something that lives inside of you and is YOURS to discover or ignore.

Finally LOVE does not simply sit idly by and watch as someone else gets killed!  THAT IS NOT LOVE!

The greatest love is to SAVE A LIFE – which is why I am even running this BLOG!



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Comment by CHRISTINA on April 9, 2015 at 6:09am

i luuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvv bradley.

bradley really does care. 

not only is his heart in the right place, but he is also very smart (with both left and right brain equally balanced) and wise.

there are many people whose heart are in the right place, but often they are very gullible.... and not grounded.

his insights into the esoteric are profound. 

his declaration of non-consent is vital to our liberation and that of mother earth.

namaste besimi

Comment by Besimi on April 9, 2015 at 12:37am

Yep, ..I like this Bradley Loves. :)

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