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new Age/World Order - Satan Deception I Believed 2!!1

Times have Changed I been Fooled By The New Age New World Order i cannot Stand here watch people Fall into The same Shit I did Cause i was Once Apart of It But i learned Alot More Then You Can Believe These lightbiengs is Telling You Smh May Allah be With You All As You Transcends These False Teachers Demons Lightbiengs W.e You wanna call it Taking all Shapes And All Sizes Look Closer Like i did Dont Just except What people tell u This is Not What God Asked For Good Hearted people Are Bieng Mislead
i Was Once Apart Of it But Thru My Energy i wanted to Learn More Think About it Every Story Contradicts The Other What Really happend In The beginning What Book Did u hear it From Wheres The proof Aliens Doesnt Exist only Angels And Demons All Types And They Do Not Live in This universe This is For Us To Guide And Direct Us Thru Time Demons Blasphemy gainst Christ And allah Who r U To Say i Am christ Energy? Or i Am God? Open ur Mind To The truth Dont Just Stop here Look back To The Books Of Our Forefathers Smh This is all Bunch of pagan Things or Ritual W.e u wanna call it And they just make it seem its for the good Theyre Getting U Ready So That u can Except The new World/New Age Order Be Free  They Mixx Truth with Lies To decieve If u Dont Believe This Then look Find out For urself if knowledge And Awareness is What we Want Then Look For It - Peace B With u All!

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