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Netanyahoo and the Chabad agenda for world conflagration

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Comment by CHRISTINA on May 14, 2018 at 4:28pm

Globalist Agenda Watch 2018: War / “Mass Arrests” Watch, Part 2
ALERT: The American/Israeli/Saudi “cruise missiles out of Yemen” false-flag may be in play in the coming days
(NOTE – 14 May 2018) – I’ve added a section to the very bottom of this entry titled “A Brief Note on the Kabbalah.” Scroll down to the end if you wish to read it.
As for the Middle East situation, the press are reporting 52 dead and 1,200+ injured in the Gaza protest so far. With this “massacre” in hand, let’s see what the Lubavitchers do with it.
(NOTE – 13 May 2018) – In today’s addendum, I’ll show you how Trump’s delegation to the Jerusalem embassy opening is full of Lubavitchers and other Kabbalist agents. This is significant because the Kabbalists are the ones pushing for an “End Times” war in the Middle East. They’re doing it so they can bring in the Jewish Messiah (the Moshiach). They’ve selected Vladimir Putin to play that role.

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