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Neil Keenan Update | The Report Of My Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

The Report Of My Death
Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

OCTOBER 11, 2016 

I am sorry to learn that Ben Fulford says I am dead. I just checked myself, and everything  seems to be in place; I went to the toilet and everything worked just fine.

I even checked Ben’s emails and Skype messages to see if he actually sent me any. To be frank, I did not receive anything from him, so I am not sure what emails he is talking about. Then again, according to Ben, I am “dead” so why should I be so concerned?

I will tell you why. I am concerned, because I have so many people that I care about, and I cannot go anywhere until I complete what I started.

I am concerned, because I have so many dear friends that would be heartbroken should something happen to me.

I am concerned, because damn it, I do not want to lose the person I love nor my son… Thaass why! I want to enjoy everything we have accomplished after this is over with and begin to really live again.

Finally, I want to see the Cabal turn over their sword to us, so count on me staying for a while.

Perhaps here is where Ben might have  gone astray.

Recently, the Clintons did seriously threaten us. As a result, I did contact one of their hit men here in Europe and was told that Ben was going first and then myself.



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