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My first article: Earth Partners

Hi all,


After a lot of currage I wrote my first long article about my spiritual path on awakening.


Article: Earth Partners


I would like some feedback if it is possible. Thanks


Wish you all a good weekend, Love, Light and JOY.



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Comment by Claude on May 27, 2011 at 8:01am

A Soulful Hello Unto You Liesbeth ! Thank You for the Spiritual Share...

Being One With Mother Earth in Your Experience in 1990 Is Great..Wonderful !

Having Kept A Diary is Truly...A Blessing..A Self-Reference Chart For You..!

As You said,

"I felt ONE, like ONE with every water drop or leaf.

And the most important thing is I felt LOVE including for Mother Earth.

That experience changed me forever". 


 I Know That Feeling...! Splendid..Divine...Liesbeth..

A Unified Beingness..Wholly..Wow.......

Unity Consciousness brings together into wholeness all aspects of awareness within

so that each consciousness is known to be an aspect of the whole.

Then no separation exists between any consciousness,

and communion between all consciousness becomes possible.

Unity consciousness does not recognize a boundary as a barrier.

Rather, the boundary is a point of differentiation of purpose and is worthy of honor and respect.

In this way, unity consciousness blends every aspect of the whole in respect,

as all contribute to the completion of the vision.


Beautiful You live near, or by a Forest..with a Garden !

It Appears you were time coded in being Trigered for this Soul Event..Vision for YOU>>Yes..

Mother Earth has allowed all lifeforms here..on this Fascinting 3rd Dimesional Karmic Mastery

School...and for Complete Self-Realization/Ascension..for those who are Ready.

To Realize Who They Are On The Deepest Level...Core Aspect..

Namely...God I Am.. A Self-Realized Human Being..

 Liesbeth Swenne Take A Look at the Wonderul Map of Consciousness -

A Self-Reference Growth Chart ~
85% of the world, as per Dr. David Hawkins..are Under Log 200..Which is Force-Ego..



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