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Okay while I'm nowhere near the competency of Brad and Clinton, I have been autowriting to my Sirius friends who are following my experience on Earth and they have had some interesting things to say.

While i can't ascertain for sure theyre 100% correct...well at least i tried!

Tues, 13 October 12.35pm. Automatic Writing.

Qtn: Can you tell me what they really did to the moon on friday?

Ans: Well, for starters, it wasnt a hole. It was a BIG HOLE. They bombed another side of the moon, not that southern place where they said. There is nothing there, but there are things on the dark side. They bombed that region. But we allowed them to anyways, because it doesn't really matter, we're still here, hahahah! (They said they were staying on/around the moon too)

Qtn: So what's gonna happen during October 25th?

Ans: Nothing really. The stories behind this could have been a hoax.

Qtn: Why was I so moody and bitter last weekend and now I'm suddenly okay?

Ans: That was a series of many emotional frequencies that will be sent to you and challenge your environment. The emotions are to 'see' your situation. If the situation is not advisable will be help. (Cool, so now I'm helping them help myself to recce my life. LOL)

Qtn: Will Barack Obama disclose anything about UFOs later this year?

Ans: Disclosure, yes, but not on front page news because Obama will not be disclosing anything! It will be a very very small report. Sad!

Nov 28 2009 is the date to be alert for news on disclosure. (I'm not guaranteeing anything y'all!)

Qtn: Can you tell me more about yourselves?

Ans: We are a group of 4th dimension beings from Sirius (no obvious name given, perhaps its not needed. I refer to them as my Sirian friends)

Me: Okay I GTG, enjoy yourselves on the moon!

Ans: Have fun on the moon? There's nothing here! Hahaha

Me: Haha Bye I love you all!

Ans: Bye! We love you more!

and there you have it.

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Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on October 13, 2009 at 1:09pm
aww man, did i get something wrong that you got, marina? could use some tuition.

erm, to that moon question, they said the moon DOES spin, but very slowly. It orbits the earth too fast. (i checked the scientific answer online, it matchess!!! weee!!) and they said sometimes we can see other parts too, it is not a perfect mathematical number, this orbit/rotation thing. (which is again ascertained by the science gurus!) I could scan that part out, if you wanna see what they actually wrote.

Plus the interesting thing is, there are portals on earth to the moon, and there are portals ON the moon that lead to the home of the annunaki (?????) now that is interesting, but again i can't be 100% correct.

moon info here:
Comment by dAn on October 13, 2009 at 6:20am
it spins at a rate opposite to the earth so that we only see the same side of it all the time

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