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I came across a heart-shattering story while browsing facebook, one of Tracey Connelly and Steven Barker who tortured and murdered their young child.

I fell upon a facebook group created to try and stop Tracey Connelly browsing the web. As soon as scrolled down the page, you wouldn't believe the stench of negativity and anger that I sensed from all these people. There are over 170 000 members joined and 288 discussion threads. I know what these parents did to their children is unforgivable from our human society's point of view, but remember -- there is a reason for everything. We can't even begin to understand why some souls chose a life of pain and suffering. Shouldn't we send these "baby souls" love, light and compassion? Doesn't anger fuel the cyclone and makes it bigger without solving anything?

Again, like I said, there is a reason for everything. We have to remember that as souls that incarnate into human bodies, we have learned through many lives to control our impulses and our ego better. We've surmounted greed, jealousy, envy, anger and rediscovered our inner purpose. If we could look back, we'd see times when we were the murderers and creators of senseless suffering. In return, we chose willingly to come back as the victims to learn firsthand how it is to feel dejected, abandoned, unloved, helpless... and no matter the injustice and strife, we've evolved past it and learned that we're all very alike and that we all deserve to be loved and respected.

In saying this, Tracey Connelly and Steven Barker are at a time in their evolution where they need our love and our compassion -- their light will shine through one day but right now that light is lost in a sea of impulses, anger, ego, mind-altering drugs, hate, jealousy... you name it. With our help, I'm sure these souls may be shown the way and placed back onto the path of understanding. Right now, our brains can only begin to grasp why such corruption happen. But negativity isn't a solution... it never was. We have to change our perceptions in order to really make this world a better place. There will always be souls who are less experienced with a human body and gets lost into the pulls of the ego, addictions and low vibrations.

Perhaps if we dealt with this in a more patient and forgiving way, there would be much less anger and crime on our planet.

Please join me, and let's send these souls our love and our light today -- let's uplift their souls and send them positive thoughts so that they may have better guidance on their journeys.

Baby Peter

Tracey Connelly

Jason Owen

Steven Barker

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Comment by CrystalClear2313 on August 18, 2009 at 9:03pm
Sending love and compassion for this souls, may their lfes change for the better.
Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on August 18, 2009 at 12:41pm
although i dont know what went through their minds, i hope everyone learns their lesson...

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