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This is being posted on behalf of Simone

Since the beginning of this month I've been trying to reply to some forum posts but (as happened before for me, in March) when I click "add reply" it goes on a loop until times out with my reply not being posted.

During loading, it says “waiting for saviorsodearth.ning…” in the bottom left of the page. After loading, it shows a blank page!!

It's being very frustrating!!!!

I was able to reply to a blog post, though. I don’t get it!!!

Anyone with the same problems?

I've written to Ning Help and they think my ISP might be blocking Javascript from being rendered on my computer. But if that was the case I shouldn't be able to reply to blog posts as well.


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Comment by Golden_Angel_K on June 10, 2009 at 9:43pm
check your browser,maybe a pluggin is missing....update to latest version of your browser if necessary....or check for possible hacker or intrucing person....could be much things.....try updating java version

for download java...

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