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Anger in Lightworkers
2 October 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

Control of man's anger must get the attention of his mind. No other galaxy can accept anger against an entire group of different thinking beings. Man's condemnation of differences is the reason for the defection of those commanding areas where man was originally destined for evacuation. When this plan originated there were no wars being demanded for the sole purpose of obtaining oil, or greed demonstrated as grandly as it has been in the last fifty years.
Many of those now incarnate DECided to become anchors of light to reverse this trend. But unfortunately, this has not done what we had hoped. Commander Ashtar wants the opportunity to gather his anchors of light in the next days. Will they go when called? We don't know. When they are called onto the craft they will be disappearing from their daily activities along with the ascension candidates. More than 50,000 are now on the matrix of materialization as lightworkers who are not on the ordinary life and death contract made by most humans. They came later than the body's birth. In many cases the new consciousness came in when the original left. You call this a "walk-in" being. Many are choosing ascension now because they only came to do a certain thing and are already awakened as an anchor of light.

Practicing love in all circumstances, they are not actors in their own movies, only actors in movies of those they chose to assist. Many of today's chelas are Ascended Masters who incarnated to bring consciousness raising leadership that could improve the mass consciousness by turning it away from anger. But many got caught in the density they came to change.

We have discussed negativity on numerous occasions, and this doesn't seem to deter the light bearers from acting out their negative attitudes. "I don't like this," or "not this," or "never them," or "cancel them from my life" are all negative attitudes. Saying that you are "not resonating" with an article about caring is not very caring. Being against anything is anger.

You can call it "discernment" or "non-resonance," but these are different than being against; only being against carries a charge. Non-resonance is noticing and not caring. Discernment is the clarity that comes out of divine awareness, not an ego's opinion. Discernment does not take on any data as "fact," and it does not disturb the being who is discerning or the one who is contributing an opportunity to discern. Discernment does not attack, nor does it stimulate comments. Playing the authority when it comes to discernment is the choice of an ego, an aware consciousness does not announce their assessment.

Chelas, anger is the cause of all negativity. Attack is anger in action. Attacking anyone for any reason is not delivering light. Please, do not call yourself a lightworker when you are still delivering anger. When deception is noticed, ignore it. Answer disturbing information with detached (contraction free) attitudes, and accept that the details being offered are merely a test of your clarity.

Only submit accepting, positive comments to articles and network sites. Contributing negativity to any magazine or carrier of data carries that negative energy to thousands of potential change agents. By doing so you are denying them the ability to make their own assessment. If anyone is diminished by the comments you deliver, you are being a controller.

Save havens are not available to those who have determined that they deserve a change of consciousness in this dimension—because of their deceit. Only claim your love and light when you are an example. Examples of these characteristics neither declare their conclusions as facts, nor present their attitudes as the most accurate. They are empty of opinions.

Anger is an opinion that is carried as energy. It contracts the carrier and all who are at the other end of the gift that anger brings. Say "No" to this darkness by loving your anger and then letting go of it.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Confronting the Will of the Controllers
2 October 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )
When my messages are contradicted by other channeled messages, I am not surprised that comments about how to choose the one correct message appear. When you are able to practice this level of discernment these comments will fade away. Lets talk today about the way to discern:
First clue: Are there any concrete matters to ground the message? Are you failing to give any consideration to what is obvious? Are there any contradictions to an actual detail or two that might cause you to ask, "Is this feasible?"

Second clue: Are you getting caught in the attitude of hope? Are you accepting a fantasy scenario because it is what you hope will occur? Is it because you want it or because it is a next step to what is already unfolding?

For example, the world depends on many control directives to move in the direction of the controllers' next choice. Is a new day without any controller conditions the most conscious way to look at the flow of what is likely to occur? No, it is not. All the control mechanisms in operation are not going to disappear in one moment.

Clue three: Are the control mechanisms currently in place able to be destroyed as the next answer to the Earth changes? Won't the control mechanisms get more active? Won't the management of these disasters be directed by the current decision makers? Can an alien group command the masses and deliver new technologies to those making today's decisions? When an invasion of aliens appears, can anyone completely accept their aid for anything without distrust? Can you? Give this some of your mental calculations and then conclude whether Ashtar and the Galactic Federation can enter your atmosphere in the next year or so. Not very likely, is it?

Clue four: Channels are not messengers for the highest awareness unless they are aware enough to detach from the messages they receive. Are the messages of any controller driven channel going to be as accurate as the content an awakened channel can deliver?

My dear ones, why do you listen to controller driven material? Because you are led to it so you can learn how to discern these things. Go to your truth meter, the heart that can discern, and ask "Is this coming from Christ consciousness?" No other details are needed.

Men who disseminate fiction are either controllers or controlled. No controller wants you to get the guidance of your heart. No controller cancels their control. You are the only one who can do this. You are the chooser, they need to be chosen. When you choose, always choose the master within to make the choice.

I Am That I Am is in all of you. No difference in answers will come from the awakened consciousness of the heart. You must get to the point where only heart led discernment continues to guide you. Without your inner controller (your mental decision maker) you can be able to live without any discernment needed—all will be obvious.

Now, ascension can also appear to be a fantasy. Not like the one that brings the Galactic Federation to move the "special ones" to other conditions, or makes a change so all are completely awakened, or the New Earth being completely free of control. No, ascension is graduation for those ordinary ones who no longer need to be rescued. They have rescued themselves and are leading light by their very existence.

Can you deliver an aura of love in all conditions? No? Then drop the discussion about going to other galaxies, or having the new world be controlled by aliens, and move into that level of consciousness. Change the drama in yourself to delete the controller in you that demands anything that even appears to be manipulative. Go into love of the controllers and the controlled. Transcend these differences and you won't care about new technologies or contact with beings from another dimension. You will be what you now seek!

Give up all hope about future events and love what is now appearing in your dream. All is as it needs to be. Awaken to the truth of the entire galaxy and all the other universes will completely delight in this achievement. Conscious living NOW is much more important than the controllers agenda. Allow that to take its natural course of evolution with love confronting everything. This is the only way to change it completely.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

The Role of the Galactic Federation
2 October 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

Contact with members of the Galactic Federation must remain from afar. Most of their work to aid mankind can be done without them being on the ground. They do not have a guardian attitude, it is more like aid for cause and effect, keeping man from destroying the manifest beings from other galaxies. Man is the creator of density on many planets, not the innocent child that is being taken care of. Watching and calibrating dense configurations of matter being changed into darker or lighter anomalies, and adding the mutation of darkness to what gets transmitted out to the other configurations, makes their role indispensable to all of creation. When you ask for their help they can only assist in this way: they can discover the cause of a mess and contain the charge it generates. They cannot manage any of the activities the dark cabal has managed to create.

There will not be a control mission to decide who can move on during the next level of change. In the next months many earth changes are coming. Many will die, many will ascend, and many will need to maintain a more conscious attitude during all the changes that do not occur in their area. When weather is controlled this contracts the flow of nature. When death is avoided this also contracts the flow of nature.

I am not going to give you the controllers nice little answer, that all of you will be taken to the waiting ships. No way will this occur. Ashtar is not available to lead shuttle craft to other destinations. Claim this and demand a new contract, as it isn't in the one you now have. Ashtar himself has given a more detailed message about this. He will not lead the way for controllers to add other "entry methods" to their comments. Ashtar's management abilities are the most critical to the entire multigalactic community. In his daily drama he must make certain that the dark negative energies being created on the lower levels of man's collective consciousness do not attack any other collective arenas that are influenced by man.

When human demonstrations against others dominate the collective, this draws controllers to anyone they can influence. Controllers are not all from the dark cabal that is now being considered an antagonistic matrix from other galaxies. In the cosmic arena they come from numerous classes of non-aligned, manipulative thinking beings, including some from the loved area of Arcturus. Not all of the divine creations on any galaxy is aligned to the highest light. All are One with the duality complex that connects them with the Earth's inhabitants. They are not all enlightened beings. Some are light bearers in disguise, bringing the needed challenges to man's control dynamic in order to move the energy towards more consciousness in the total picture. Pure awareness is not just the light and love you make it out to be. It includes development and choosing to be light when dark makes its daily appearance.

Controllers are on all of man's dances of duality. Some are the most loved ones in the collective. Others are the most disliked. All control with the methods contained in their contract. Are you able to accept that controllers are also the drivers of more awareness, not the masters of Draconian, devil made offerings? Make this lesson one that clears your negative attitudes against the controllers. When this occurs you are closer to an awakened consciousness.

Now, I am being asked to give answers in languages that cannot be channeled by one who doesn't have this content in her mental capacity. I am not able to do that. Instead, let's use English to give other concepts that may be conveyed in different languages. I AM THAT I AM is the name the source of all that is calls ItSelf. Any configuration of any name with this meaning will adequately suffice. For example: I Am, the source of all that is; I Am, creator of all that is, I AM consciousness, I Am the heart of all that is, or any concept that means I Am the divine consciousness. Saying I AM THAT I AM is recognizing your own divinity.

All concepts can be translated, just not word for word. When you do translation you must clearly understand the context, next comes the change in words. The concept of I AM THAT I AM is: One consciousness that I know myself to be part of. All can get to this understanding, not just claim it.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

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