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Manifestation Mountain Live International Tele-Session

Manifestation Mountain Live International Tele-Session


Whether you are trying to manifest a million dollars, new creative ideas or enhance internal psychic powers, your journey to Manifestation Mountain will be a trip full of wonder which you will never forget. This seminar will infuse you with the knowledge and power necessary to manifest on a physical level, your hidden dreams, hopes and desires like never before. This interactive experience will take you on a magical night time journey around the mountain to gather precious cosmic energies, retrieve precious gemstones and learn the secrets of real manifestation. Join us for this incredible journey!


Holiday Love Connection

Romance is in the Air!  Are you looking for a new love flame, a best friend, or to enhance your current relationship?   Around the holidays there are an abundance of opportunities to connect with other people for potential partners and companions.  Join Bryan and the Ashtar Command for this fun and exciting multi-level heart activation that will prepare you for a love adventure and a new influx of energy during the upcoming holiday season.   Included will be a tarot card reading for the group in regards to love to help guide you through the season's journey!


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