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I love you as you are, as you
seek to find your own special way to relate to the world. I honour
your choices to learn in the way you feel is right for you.

I know it is important that you are the person you want to be and not
that I, or others, think you ~should~ be. I realise that I cannot know
what is
best for you, although perhaps sometimes I think I do. I have not been
you have been, viewing life from the angle you have. I do not know what
have chosen to learn, how you have chosen to learn it, with whom or in
time period. I have not walked life looking through your eye, so how can
I know
what you need.

I allow you to be in the world without a thought or word of judgment
from me,
about the deeds you undertake. I see no error in the things you say and
do. In
this place where I am, I see that there are many ways to perceive and
experience the different facets of our world. I allow without
reservation the
choices you make in each moment. I make no judgment of this, for if I
deny your right to your evolution, then I would deny that right for
myself and
all others.

To those who would choose a way I cannot walk, whilst I may not choose
to add
my power and my energy to this way, I will never deny you the gift of
Love. As
I love you, so shall I be loved. As I sow, so shall I reap.

I allow you the Universal right of Free Will to walk your own path,
steps or to sit awhile if that is right for you. I will make no judgment
these steps are large or small, nor light or heavy or that they lead up
down, for this is just my viewpoint.

I may see you do nothing and judge it to be unworthy and yet I cannot
see the higher picture of Divine Order.

For it is the inalienable right of all life to choose their own
evolution and
with great love I acknowledge your right to determine your future. I bow
to the
realisation that the way I see as best for me does not have to mean it
is also
right for you. I know that you are led as ~I Am~, following the inner
excitement to know your own Path.

I know that the many races, religions, customs, nationalities and
within our world, bring us great richness and allow us the benefit and
teachings of such diverseness. I know we each learn in our own unique
way in
order to bring that love and wisdom back to the whole. I know that if
were only one way to do something, there would need only be one person.

I will not only love you if you behave in a way I think you should or
in those things I believe in.

The love I feel is for all of ~God’s~ world. I know that every living
thing is
a part of ~God~ and I feel a deep love within for every person, animal,
and flower, every bird, river and ocean and for all the creatures in the

I live my life in loving service, being the best me I can, becoming
wiser in
the perfection of Divine Truth, becoming happier in the joy of…

~Unconditional Love~

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