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LIVING A LIE DELIBERATLY IMPOSED Higher Self Channeled by Mike Quinsey

Higher Self
Channeled by Mike Quinsey

Rather than matters taking a turn for the worse they are gradually reaching a point where the dark Ones will be facing defeat. Do they come quietly or act like madmen, the outlook is the latter as they seem determined to fight to the last not wishing to admit defeat. There is so much that you are unaware of that will mostly shock you to think that you are living a lie deliberately imposed upon you by the dark Ones and their cohorts. In the time of Tesla you were given many advanced ideas that would have raised your quality of life, but you were denied them. However, nothing stands still forever and new ideas and inventions are waiting to be introduced that will tremendously raise your quality of life. You deserve it and nothing will be held back when the truth is revealed. Be assured that the souls capable of handling such a situation are already with you waiting their call to action.

All along the dark Ones have been foiled in their attempts to take over the Earth although they been allowed a certain degree of freedom. They gained it through abiding to the “rules” that have demanded that they had to indicate what they were about to do and they complied. Strange as it may seem there has been a battle for minds and even bodies as they set their heinous plans to decimate the world population. To some extent it has been successful but is by no means as extensive as they planned. At this point we stress again that in a freewill situation the “good” and the “evil” have the same opportunities to take whatever action they choose. Clearly however those of the Light play by the “rules” whereas the dark Ones simply ignore them with a total disregard for human life...+

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