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Before the holidays, there was a video I had posted in regards to Keisha Crowley.  It gave a brief analysis as to the fraudulent claims that this woman makes regarding the Native American Tribes of Salish & Kootenai tribes.       

I vowed that after the holidays I would research this further.

I am profoundly offended when someone takes up the flag of the Native American tribes and pretends to represent them. This makes me mighty angry and I hope never to run into this woman. I proceeded to make a few calls and inquiries into this because it IS an insult to these beatuiful people who throughout time we have stripped them of their dignity and left them impoverished.

It makes me sick that people are paying Keisha under the guise that she is a shaman. Judging by what I see of her home, the fact that she has an assistant and pullling in $195 USD per person in one month is an abomination. The tribes that she pretends to represent are suffering in abject poverty. They dont have assistants, they are freezing in their homes, they are shells of the people they used to be thanks to the white man.

I have a friend on youtube who is a native american from the Miccosukee tribe in south Florida. I asked him what he thought of her and his answer was, "she is a fraud among all tribes, not just the Salish".  I dont mind if someone is trying to spread the word as to how to be a decent person and live an honest life, but this is NOT what Keisha is doing. In my opinion, she is no better than the lying, conniving demons that are running this world.

Further in my search, I found the contact info for these tribes

I called the communications director and spoke to another member who was in the office at the time. Because of legal reasons they couldnt get into much detail (Keisha trying to threaten with law suits? She must have a chunk of change to be able to hire lawyers). The woman did give me the blog address that contains most information that I am looking for and she told me there is more proof if I google any more info that I am searching for...its all there. Here is the blogspot that one of the tribal members have put together

### There are a couple of pages to read on this blog, and on the second page is where she is asked to cease and desist. Please do your reseacrh and stop having faith in people who walk the path of lies. Especially targeting a people who are already suffering.####


If after all this information that is in abundance out there to find, you still wish to believe in this fraud, that is fine. For the sake of the Indians who WE have desecrated, please stop sending money to her or paying for her workshops until she ceases to pretend she is from the tribes. Instead send the money/ clothes/food to the tribes who desperately need it to survive. Please

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Comment by nonya on January 30, 2011 at 4:13pm
BECKY thanks again for speaking out about your beliefs :-)  and respect back atcha my friend!!
Comment by Becky on January 30, 2011 at 4:53am
Nonya ...much respect to you ...good luck on your path !!!
Comment by nonya on January 29, 2011 at 12:00pm

BECKY, As I have said in several comments below, my problem is not with the message. I contacted a friend of mine who is not even part of those tribes. He is part of a tribe in south florida and even he and his people know she is a fraud. Sabotage from so many saying the same thing? How?

I dont care about people making money, but WHO you use to make a profit is a big problem especially when nobody is giving her authority to do so, hence, they asking her to cease and desist. Why on earth would someone not stop what they are doing if they are offending others. What is she afraid of? Is she afraid that if she redacts her claims that she will lose her credibility and her income?

Anyone can sound genuine and caring. Take Obama, he is a great orator. Millions of people world wide thought he was going to usher in great change....NOT. I didnt have to research Obama to know he was being genuine, cuz he left a legacy here in chicago. He is not the person he used to be or proclaimed to be. The message he brought was what everyone wants. Is he lying about everything now? YES and he should step down. Its not about the message here Becky its about walking the walk....not lying to get to where you are.........not claiming you are something when you are not.....and not walking on others backs to gain monetary rewards. You may not believe she is lying but a nations worth of indians say otherwise. The amount of people speaking out agianst what she is promoting are large numbers that are irrefutable. Thank you for debating on this and I hold no grudges against you or her followers, but I would be a lot happier if she would redact who she is and lead a path of humility, and service to others if she is to call herself a shaman. Shamans should not be living in a two level house...,.ya know what im sayin?


Comment by Becky on January 29, 2011 at 6:43am
Nonya , no I am not ok with people lying to make money missed the point. I do not believe she is lying !! I believe she is being sabotaged !! I also would love to travel all over the world and feed my soul and teach others what i know , but there is one thing missing ,its called money. She needs money to do what she does ,it's that simple. I've seen the video, that was filmed at her home, she does not seem to be trying to live above her means or anything, and it's not like she is tricking people into giving her the money anyway, they are paying for something they choose to be a part of(workshops), even though she put's the information out for free !! I have also researched her and have found more information that leads to her being more genuine, than a fraud !! Its best not to shoot the "messenger", when they bring such a beautiful message !!
Comment by nonya on January 28, 2011 at 5:33pm

PT didnt answer to this question  your question was..... "What I find interesting are who are those native people that are in the videos with her?"

my answer-----I need a link and where to look (minute if its in video form)

This quote of your is what I am saying.....

"Had Keisha just said...hey everybody I am a you want some lessons..... the whole situation would be different.  There are many Shaman Beings that do not "belong" to a tribe.  That is not a sin. They are often loner people anyways.  People can call themselves what every they want now a days. But when they start to associate themselves with a particular group...well, that is a different thing."

Comment by nonya on January 28, 2011 at 5:09pm

TRUDY, thank you for understanding where i stand on this one. It is not in my nature to condemn people who want to help the overall value of this earth. I just hate when people lie about anything and worse if its for profit. As far as this statement you made, "Please allow into your heart the way of forgiveness". If she comes clean tommorrow, I hold no grudges. My forgiveness comes when truth or admittance is spoken. However, until that time, I will continue to wave the flag.....because its wrong and the more people that can agree the more we can change the overall morality code for everyone. Think for a minute how many people have recommended her videos, websites, seminars. Think how many people are standing beside her as a crime is being committed by her. I am not even cool with little white lies, they still are omissions of truth and the ripple effect goes in the wrong direction and affects people in the wrong way.

Trudy, i dont slip into anyone's low energy, but when i see it, i will be waving flags and blowing whistles until it gets fixed. Especailly when it concerns my fellow travelers like on SOE. We shouldnt be condoning something that is not playing on a level field. You dont see me going off on everyone that channels. I take them all with a grain of salt....until they start manipulating people with unscrupulous intent. Thank you again Trudy, for sending an email and standing up for the right thing, ur a beautiful soul....dont ever change ;-)

Comment by Trudy on January 28, 2011 at 3:49pm

I send your message to her,Kiesha little Grandmother:  it is a little chance  that she will respond, but I did put a personal message to it, because it is in my true conviction that every one who brings a message of Love to  the people and our beloved Earth is worth of my respect...

I will ask her if her connection with the tribe is still in her consciousness ~*L*~  and if it is so , why is the tribe then in denial ... and if she knows that they are in great suffering :(

thank you Nonya We Will Follow your true feeling of justice, but for your own peace of mind, start with forgiveness, do not allow yourself every time you let slip to someone else's low energy. Really I know where I am coming from. Please allow into your heart the way of forgiveness ... Your Heart will LOVE YOU for doing that... it will become to your wellbeing ... I Love You Beautiful Woman and I Love your Presence here at SoE XXX

Comment by nonya on January 28, 2011 at 1:37pm

PT  "What I find interesting are who are those native people that are in the videos with her?"

-----I need a link and where to look (minute if its in video form)

"As for a shaman having to live in poverty"

-----I am not saying that she live in poverty. The problem here is the money is collected under the pretense of her being a shaman backed by the Salish & Kootenai tribe. Its not the money, its who you are throwing in front of the bus to get it.

"I could say a lot about that woman on the video too,,,but I will keep it at this...perhaps a rag and soap would solve some of the problems as well."

--------I have spent a decent amount of time with the Miccosukee tribe and I agree, they are messy folks. They are how we have molded them. Before we plowed through their land and wiped out the majority of the Indians, these people lived on the land. They molded their own soap out of natural products that are no longer available to us. Healthier ways to treat the body (temple). So, WE throw them a bar of soap full of petroleum chemicals and say here, wash yourself up, in a few years we can treat you for cancer.....have a nice day.

WE took away their peace pipes, their tobacco, their medicinal tobacco, called it a crime and then allowed crack and crystal meth to bleed into a nations worth of Native Americans. Hell, it makes money!!! Why not?!! Its all a business model.....dont grow it unless WE can make a profit.

"then she needs to take part of that money to those tribes and begin a Get off your Ass and on Your Feet Program"

- I COULDNT AGREE MORE!!!!!  Actions speak to me, louder than words.

"As for a shaman having to live in poverty...mmm... victim consciousness at its best."

----Is it really?... or have WE made it that way for them? Now they need illusionary money to survive. WE stole their lands, their ways and now WE expect them to live like "civilized" people? Are WE that civilized? If we are, why do people still stand behind people who dont do the right thing? WE gave them land that has been cleared of anything that was important to them and made it impossible to farm without being policed.

Comment by nonya on January 28, 2011 at 1:13pm

SIMMY - "Well, any native people anywhere in the world has suffered incredible injustice and still do."

I AGREE! We dont have the right to treat ANY original members ofANY land with disrespect. ANY.    I wouldnt have the nerve to call myself one of them and not even extend a hand to help. This is BEYOND my understanding.

"I like what she writes about Mother Earth and Crystals"

- This I dont have a problem with AT ALL. I am fine with someone guiding us to seek for ourselves. I just cant take it from someone who will make them selves important by hanging on to the apron strings of a people that are hanging onto a thread......and its because of US. Not just the white man, but people who stand behind her and condone these actions. To me its a crime.

Comment by Simmy on January 28, 2011 at 12:20pm

Hi Nonya,

I bought into her words.

At first I was really in awe with the message she gave. Especially what I read in an interview with her. I even decided to be part of her "Tribe of many Colors" community. But later when I watched her videos, I have to be completely honest here, there was something that didn't feel right. Something in her manner...I can't pinpoint...made me feel she was not 100% genuine. I like what she writes about Mother Earth and Crystals (because I just love them), but that's it. Unlike you, I didn't go further into researching about her, I just didn't bother with her videos anymore.

I didn't know she received donations and stuff. I never trust ANYONE that asks for payments or even donations. I think real spiritual people do their work without expecting any money rewards. Of course everybody needs to make a living but (because of the danger of being portrait like a charlatan/opportunist) this should be separate from their spiritual work as much as possible.

I feel really sorry for the native american indians. Well, any native people anywhere in the world has suffered incredible injustice and still do.




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