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Leading Edge Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek (1995) ~



Val: There are people out there who have never heard of you or the Flower of Life workshops. Could you explain your origins and how you got your last name?

Drunvalo: Well, the origins and where I got my last name are kind of interrelated. First of all, the whole Universe is conscious and alive - completely alive, and has been forever. Everything is not inanimate as it seems - it is just made up of different levels of awareness of consciousness, one way or another. Melchizedek consciousness is just another aspect of the One consciousness. It was that aspect that stepped into this creation first. It was the first part of the consciousness of the One God that existed before creation. When God decided to experience the creation that had been created - it was just a Void, really, Melchizedek consciousness split into two, the other part being what we call Christ consciousness.

Val: So Christ consciousness is a derivative of Melchizedek consciousness?

Drunvalo: Yes.

Val: How could you characterize Melchizedek consciousness relative to Christ consciousness?

Drunvalo: The difference is that Melchizedek consciousness is formless in its original state. Christ consciousness was that aspect that began to integrate into the possibility of form and manifestation. From there, there have been many many divisions within Christ consciousness which are seldom talked about that are further levels of existence which penetrate all the way down to where we are here. At this point, at least in terms of human consciousness, there are two directions that humans are moving in. There are those that are coming down through this division process to these levels, descending, and there are those that are moving back up, which is an addition process, connecting to higher and higher levels of consciousness which are simply interpretations of the One reality that there is. These interpretations, as you ascend, are accepted by increasingly larger groups of beings. When you ascend to higher levels of consciousness, you actually merge with many other beings who accept that same reality.

Val: A gradation of interpretation of the Is-ness.

Drunvalo: Yes. There is really just One reality. So, what happens is that there is a cycle of Life with beings coming down and beings going up. They are all from one Spirit - from God. There is only One life force moving through everything. As life energy moves up through the planes it eventually arrives at the Melchizedek level. As a being moves through the 144 levels and steps into the next octave, through the Great Void, they become the original consciousness of Melchizedek. At that point, they know without a shadow of a doubt that everything that exists is them.

Val: Where did the name Melchizedek come from?

Drunvalo: Well, this is not the first creation. There have been many many other creations. I dont know how many there have been that are based on other principles. This creation was based on the concept of a very simple idea - the sphere. Everything in this existence and every law of physics is located within a sphere. Its provable. From our way of looking at it, there was an aspect of God that was translated into this world that actually existed in other ways before. These are words that in no way can possibly express the truth.

Val: In one lecture conducted by Robert Morning Sky, he discussed the notion that within each Universe there is an ultimate being who has the most experience, who is at any time replaced by another with more experience. Does this seem accurate to you?

Drunvalo: Yes, and that being is not a being as we think of a being, but is a level of consciousness that contains many cells like our body does. It could be comprised of billions of souls as we now think of them, who have achieved a single level of thought. When Melchizedek originally divided and produced Christ consciousness, that immediately created a third component which is the summation of both of them - of All That Is. That being is often called, in Hindu terms, the Supreme Personality. That is the being that most religions pray to and see as the ultimate God. They give it a name and refer to it as the ultimate God, although it is not. It is just the most conscious level of life.

Val: Why would Melchizedek consciousness budd off to create another part of itself?

Drunvalo: Thats a good question, but I think it had to do with the original intent, which is what we are all living right now. An aspect or a possibility of the original intent is that we would know separation and the idea of good and evil. I believe from where I am now thats why. When someone is in human level, trying to interpret these higher levels, its really almost a joke, because those higher levels are an experience that cannot really be interpretable or accurately viewed from this level - it is beyond words and beyond who and what we are at this level.

Val: Where do you yourself come into the process on the planetary level? I think you mentioned at one time that part of your nature was as an observer linked with the Melchizedek level of consciousness.

Drunvalo: There were three very clear directives. The first one was to simply watch the changes that were occurring. Its hard to understand because we are in linear time and we think of past, present and future. There is a place where all things are happening at once. From that place, the person to whom you are now talking directed it into what you call the past to be here now. The second directive was to bring the teaching of the Merkaba back so we could remember what that was about. The third one had to do with the study of relationships during this extraordinary time that this planet is going through. My directive, from my Self to myself, was to become totally grounded in the Earth experience, and to immerse myself in everything - all the problems and everything else, not to remain removed and to not use higher aspects of my Self to help myself. I had to be here in all ways as a human and to find my way out of the problems of life, just as anyone else would.

Val: It is certainly an extraordinary role.

Drunvalo: It is no different to that of everyone else here. Everyone is here in the same situation, and everyone is striving to find the higher level where we can transcend. It is becoming clear to more and more people that the Earth situation here is desperate. Even on a third dimensional level, there has to be a change or we are not going to make it. So, its a situation where its the only way one can learn, and the only way God, or consciousness, can ever learn, is to step into a situation and live it, become it, see what it is, and move on from there.

Val: What is the relationship between the use of belief systems and the use of experiential systems?

Drunvalo: They are linked together. Whatever you experience, whatever you are in the Is-ness, you make a conclusion from that which becomes a belief.

Val: In the Flower of Life workshop, you mentioned the existence of several grids supporting both life, species and consciousness. Would you go into some further detail about those? You mentioned once that the Christ consciousness grid was complete in 1989.

Drunvalo: The grids are electromagnetic in nature. They are detectable. They are not something outside of third dimensional reality, although they have aspects beyond what we know in third dimensional reality. Their third dimensional aspect is electromagnetic in nature. Their construction is geometric in nature, and moves along a line paralleling crystalline structure. Every single species and lifeform on this planet, in order for them to exist, there has to be a structure. All of these grids are different, and there are millions of them. Around the turn of the century there were 30 million of them. Now there are about 14 million of them left.

Val: These grids are what Sheldrake was speaking of - morpho- genetic grids?

Drunvalo: Yes. If you looked at the whole thing, thats how I would see the morphogenetic structure of the biosphere. The one grid is in reality made up of millions. It comes off as a glow from the surface of the Earth, extending from about 60 feet into the Earth to about 60 miles above the Earth. Whenever a species comes into existence, a grid is formed first, before a species can manifest. Before a species leaves, the grid will dissolve or break down as its consciousness leaves.

Val: Presumably, a grid would change to accommodate a change in evolution of a species.

Drunvalo: Thats another thing that happens. The grid will geometrically change, change in intensity, and change in other ways. The grid will change as consciousness grows or evolves. All the grids are changing. Some of them have very slow cycles. The highest form of evolutionary consciousness in 3-D form on the Earth we see as the whales, including the orca, followed by various species of dolphins. Under that come humans. There are three totally different kinds of humans on the Earth, meaning that they perceive the One reality in three different ways, interpreted differently. The first kind of human has a chromosome composition of 42+2. They comprise a unity consciousness that does not see anything outside themselves as being separate from themselves. To them, there is only one energy - one life, one beingness that moves everywhere. Anything happening anywhere is within them, as well. They are like cells in the body. They are all connected to a single consciousness that moves through all of them. These are the aboriginals in Australia. There might be a few African tribes left like this. Then, there is our level, comprising 44+2 chromosomes. We are a disharmonic level of consciousness that is used as a steppingstone from the 42+2 level to the next level, 46+2. We are dangerous to both ourselves and nature, but we are necessary, and this can be seen within the various geometries.

The level above us relates to the grid you were speaking of that was complete in 1989 - the Christ consciousness grid. It took almost 13,000 years to complete it. Over 83,000 sites around the planet were used by higher consciousness to create the Christ grid. It was synthetically created after the fall that happened 13,000 years ago. Now that it is in place, it gives us the ability to move to the next level of consciousness, which many people call Christ consciousness, although it has other names. That grid is extremely strong and is experiencing many changes in its growth pattern.

Val: You were talking about the idea of critical mass relative to this grid?

Drunvalo: Well, in all cases known by the Melchizedek consciousness prior to this one, Earth, there has always been a specific pattern of growth that planets have gone through. They have entered into this level of consciousness where they see themselves as within a body, and that everything outside is separate. Its a very specific step in evolution, and they finally come to this point of unity where they make the step forward, and a certain number of beings will make the transition from this level to the next. Its usually a very small number, and this is what many are called but few are chosen means. Very few usually have the insight, courage and other attributes to actually step into a higher level world.

Val: A world that reflects 46+2 chromosomes. This time, however, you mentioned that everyone would make the transition, and that was the unique nature of this situation.

Drunvalo. Yes. You'll go through a mutation, both internally and externally, where your chromosomes change from 44+2 to 46+2. You gain two more chromosomes. The other 44 are exactly the same as humans now. These two additional chromosomes change everything.

Val: What exactly is it with these two chromosomes?

Drunvalo: Each chromosome is really a geometrical image, and within each of these huge amounts of information are contained. The DNA uses this information to enable it to resonate with the higher-level Christ grid on the next level.

Val: There are some that maintain that humans had these extra chromosomes at one time and that they were deliberately removed.

Drunvalo: I assume you are talking about the Nephilim.

Val: No. Just the general notion.

Drunvalo: There are those that maintain this, and books that have been written that maintain this was done on purpose. I do believe that there has been a tremendous amount of experimentation on humans in the past, and a lot of it was done on DNA and the spinal column. But, I feel that the problem that developed was not deliberate in the sense that consciousness tried to stop them, but that we did it ourselves through what happened in Atlantean times, with the misuse of creation patterns.

Val: In books like the Keys of Enoch, for example, you can take a peek into the technology that allows photonic manipulation of DNA and the manipulative tendencies of the Jahovah complex of beings, presumably at an earlier stage in their evolution when they felt they had to manipulate and control.

Drunvalo: There was a lot of that.

Val: It is for this reason that the Keys of Enoch is a useful piece of work to have on hand, in order to gain insight into what went on.

Drunvalo: The Keys of Enoch is very valuable.


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