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VT: Keshe Science - An offer to eradicate COVID 19

Keshe Science: An offer to eradicate COVID 19

By  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor - June 5, 2020

June 5th, 2020

Open letter

Note: I have not seen the technology but sources tell us that both Iran and China have used it and it, to an extent, perhaps a large extent, may account for their success in avoiding the catastrophe that has befallen the US.

I will personally act as intermediary for Keshe on this issue.  I am not offering a personal guarantee as to efficacy but we can keep inquiries classified, nothing will be published by VT or Keshe.

As is always the case, no money is asked for.  This, in itself, is a huge impediment as COVID 19 as become a great “business of death.”  What Keshe has is here, it is available, you know how to get it, there is no cost, we all ask nothing in return…welcome to life on the other side of the mirror.g 

to Governments across the world: Solutions for eradicating COVID-19 are now available 

Your Excellencies and Honorable Presidents/Prime Ministers/Ministers of Health:

We, the Universal Council, bring to the attention of all people and governments across the world the below offer of solution for COVID -19:

The founder and director of the Keshe Foundation, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, publicly offered governments across the world the needed solutions for the eradication of COVID-19. He made the offer internationally on Thursday June 4th 2020.

The offered solutions for eradication of COVID-19 are based on the newly discovered plasma science technology known as Keshe GANS (GAses in Nano Solid state) Technology, that were developed by the Iranian nuclear engineer, M.T. Keshe. The technology is offered freely to all nations in exchange for peace.

The new plasma technology uses natural products and can be used for detection, prevention, reversal of COVID-19 and environmental cleanup. With this technology, the cost of saving a life is less than 10 dollars.

On acceptance of this offer by governments, the technology can be confirmed between the two nations’ leading universities and upon their agreements of the proof of the data, the national officials’ negotiations can be completed.

The effectiveness of the Keshe GANS technology against COVID-19 and other viruses was recently demonstrated in Iran and is awaiting publication in an internationally renowned medical scientific journal. Details of this publication are available from the Keshe Foundation.

Using the newly discovered Keshe GANS technology, Iranians cleared the full emergency wing of a hospital that was full of COVID -19 infected patients, and the hospital using the technology, cured more than 100 infected and home quarantined people in 14 days.  This city has a population of 50,000 inhabitants and has been disinfected with the GANS technology and is now free of COVID-19 for more than 50 days. Before intervention with the new GANS technology, the hospital had one to two deaths per day from COVID-19. In addition, there are no new infections and no deaths in this city since the application of the GANS technology.

For more information, contact:

On behalf of the Universal Council,

Gatua wa Mbugwa, Ph.D.

The Universal Council



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