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Quite without warning, through a series of coincidences, a message came through over the internet, from a pair of artists who are still willing to speak the unspeakable, ugly, truth.   Independent filmmakers Anais and William "Billy" Yeager are making a stand, with their film "Jesus of Malibu." Both in and out of character, Billy speaks as  Jesus the Anarchist, overturning the tables of the money changers in the temple, and speaking with the certainty of a true and fearless heretic against the "Belief Systems" (BS)* of all comers. Anais speaks spiritual truths at the most basic level, quoting lines from "The Little Prince," 70s rock lyrics, and the truth of her own heart. The couple packs a powerful one-two punch, hitting at a cerebral and visceral level.  
The mainstream media may dismiss them instantly as Quixotic anachronisms, speaking a long forgotten and discredited countercultural polemic against the dominant culture. The politicians and pundits championing America's final descent into a new high-tech dark age will condemn them as dangerous political and religious blasphemers. Anais and Billy don't give a crap, speaking from an allegiance to the fundamental and indestructible nature of truth, and freedom, even at a time when, in Billy's words: "Nobody is free, and that's the truth, and the truth is that people don't want to know the truth."
These two truly dedicated and fearless artists have a message so basic, so simple, and so powerful that it eludes nearly all intellectuals and scholars operating with a purely political and economic model of reality.   I for one will be watching their work closely. I strongly suggest that all dedicated to the cause of freedom of the mind do so too. Check it out: 

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