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January 24, 2022 - Will the REAL Dr. Robert MALONE Please STAND UP ? (WAKEY WAKEY !)

Will the REAL Dr. Robert MALONE Please STAND UP ? (WAKEY WAKEY !) [SHARE]
Jeff Rense Show feat. Erica @ Nightbreed /

there’s ‘absolutely no question’ about Dr. Robert W. Malone being ‘controlled opposition’…

…nor is there any doubt that Malone has done a LOT of great work educating the public about the extremely dangerous and deadly Covid vaccines.

Hence, the $64,000 question is: “Does Dr. Malone know that he’s controlled opposition?”

Given the billions of dollars of contracts and grants (see list below) Malone has received from both Big Pharma and the US Government over the last decade, there’s simply no way he could leave the reservation without great consequence. In point of fact…
… no one ever leaves the highest echelons of the Medical Mafia and Pharma Family,
and then flip to the other side … … … unless they are explicitly permitted to do so. Capiche?!
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*Omar Jordan, DR. ROBERT MALONE – DARK VACCINE WIZARD, State of the Nation, Jan 6, 2022
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