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Israel - US High Tech Parasite August 17, 2018

Israel - US High Tech Parasite
August 17, 2018

(Trump's mandate is to start the Masonic WW3.
His nationalism is a ruse to suck Americans into fighting this war. )

Israel has become a powerhouse by stealing US
technology. Israel sells their US-originated high technology
to Russia and China. Russia and China then sell it to Iran.
Therefore, Israel is indirectly arming Iran.

History of Israeli Tech Domination
by Shayan Zarrin
(Excerpt by

Israel gets all of its lifeblood from the US, through foreign aid or stealing.
A prime example of this is the Apollo affair. Israel stole enriched uranium from the US to build their infamous nuclear weapons program.
This is how Israel operates. Their Rothschild backers place their agents in key positions of our government and industries, where they proceed to infiltrate and divert American technology to Israel.
However, the alt-media does not go further than the Apollo affair. They don't report on the much deeper and more consequential Israeli theft of US high technology: the Talpiot Program and Unit 8200.
Billions of dollars are being sucked out of the US economy through government contracts to Israeli technology and cybersecurity companies.
For example, Amdocs has access to all US telephone records through the NSA, and Comverse Infosys.
Essentially, Israel runs the national security state. Israeli companies can spy on you. Where did they get the capability to become world leaders in the technology sector? The United States.
One reason why Israeli tech firms are so competitive is due to the Israeli government subsidies, roughly 50 percent of Israeli tech firms' R&D costs.
In a speech for the Council for the National Interest, Phil Giraldi pointed out : "Israel, a socialist country where government and business work hand-in-hand, has obtained significant advantages by systematically stealing American technology with both civilian and military applications."
Israel floods the US market with their technology, destroying American high technology jobs. The US-Israel Free Trade Agreement (1985) is the only free-trade agreement that does not protect intellectual property rights. Israel has access to US intellectual property under US law.
How did Israel get access to US high technology and intellectual property? It all began in the 1970s when the US and Israeli governments formed BIRD (Israel-United States Bi-national Industrial Research and Development) Foundation. BIRD funds joint partnerships between Israeli and American companies, with 50 percent of its funding coming from the US government. That's right, our taxpayer money is funding Israeli industry, while our infrastructure is in shambles. This quote from a Bloomberg article is Talpiot in action, "The company [BIRD] promotes joint industrial R&D between American and Israeli companies.

They provide a maximum of $1.2 million funding per project. BIRD-supported projects allow leading Israeli technology companies to access key world class-US companies and establish business ties."

This is where the Israeli high tech industry gets its lifeblood. Using this access to US industry, Israel set up a massive espionage operation in the United States to steal secret US defense secrets, military technology, and intellectual property in the early 1980s. One operative, Jonathan Pollard, was caught in this operation. Pollard was a US intelligence agent/Israeli spy who stole thousands of documents revealing the methods used by the US for signal intelligence gathering.

From then on, Israel had the same intelligence gathering capabilities as the United States. Without Pollard, Israel would never have been able to engage in signal intelligence gathering, which means that the infamous Israeli companies tied to 9/11: Amdocs and Verint, would never have been formed. But Pollard was just the tip of the iceberg. There was a whole Israeli Espionage Network surrounding and working with Pollard, including guys like Richard Perle, Frank Gaffney, JR, Douglas J Feith, John F Lehman Jr, and Paul Wolfowitz.

All this technology that Israel has stolen was developed by taxpayer money through DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Nearly all of Apple's technology was developed by DARPA. Google emerged through DARPA technology and the CIA's MDDS (Massive Digital Data Systems) project. Facebook raised its initial capital through an investment from Peter Thiel, whose data mining company, Palantir, was first funded by the CIA Venture capital firm, In Q Tel.

Furthermore, there are Zionist fingerprints all over tech giants like Google and Facebook. Google was initially partly funded by American Jew, Andy Bechtolsheim, the co-founder of the tech firm, Sun Microsystems, which has a major R&D center in Israel. Many other tech firms including Google, Facebook, IBM, Motorola, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Apple have R&D centers in Israel as well.
Why would these firms choose to have R&D centers near Tel Aviv? Tel Aviv is the ninth most expensive city in the world. Furthermore, it would make more sense economically to have R&D centers in a place like Bangladesh, where wages are significantly lower with a similar supply of high tech workers.
These companies operate in Israel because they seek to make Israel the high tech capital of the world, where Israel will rule the world in a one world government from Jerusalem as Ben Gurion predicted.

Furthermore, Israel sells their US-originated high technology to our enemies, Russia and China. Russia and China then sell that technology to Iran. Therefore, Israel is indirectly arming Iran. The Iran-Israel conflict is a charade. If Israel was really an enemy of Iran, they would never allow China to sell Israeli sold military technology to Iran, let alone sell Israeli military technology to China in the first place.
On top of that, Israel has numerous historical ties to the Islamic Republic of Iran, as I laid out in my article, "Iran Not an Enemy of the Jewish Elite".
How Israel used Technology & Weapons to become an Ally of China
Roger Mattson- Did Israel Steal Weapons Grade Uranium?
Brendon O'Connell - Putin & Netanyahu are Thick as Thieves

First Comment from Christ G

The technology being shown to us today are just scraps from the master's table as they are usually 50-100 years or more ahead of what they show us "the profane"; We the public are drip fed reality and technology little by little. Moreover, at the top, US and Israel are owned and run by the exact same people so what difference does it make who's helping who?
"In Lies We Trust" video(1:13:10 to 1:16:35) General Schwarzkopf contradicts himself about the weapons US sold to Iraq and then a whistle blowing sergeant exposed the coverup.
Note that (1:16:03) "HEBREW SCRIPT"!!! is shown when the announcer covers up what we see with our own eyes by saying "Middlesex England". Blink and you'll miss it. If Israel was selling weapons to Iraq you can bet they were/are selling the DIRECTLY to Iran.
The public is being deluded that US, Iran, and Israel are individual governments, meanwhile, they are really all the same government since they are all run by the hidden hand of the Rothschilds and their 300 allied satanic families.
Ronald Bernard, Ex-Elite Banker (11:30) in a video explains the strategy the hypocritical elite use to launder money and pretend to follow the rules they force the rest of the world to follow, while they impose their embargoes. Satan never follows rules he tells us to!

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