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Is the Shift Going Well? ~ by Meredith Murphy

Is the Shift Going Well? ~ by Meredith Murphy

Is the Shift Going Well?
Dear friends: the shift is DONE! it's DONE. The Earth shifted to a new fundamental frequency last year, in December of 2012. The SHIFT that is going to happen all at once -- the Earth shift, happened. So what's left? The people shift. And that isn't going to happen all at once. It happening individually. It's based on our own pace and our own choices. You can shift. Or not. You can move fast. Or not. The expansive energies of all 12 dimensions are present on earth and as you embody more and more of YOU, you resonantly can access more and more of what's now here to play with. Do you feel worthy? Do you give yourself permission to be perfect right now? No need to change yourself, just love yourself as you are, knowing you are a perpetual, eternal presence in a distinct focus here having a go at an amazing time.
Or ... you can live in the reality where the shift is still not here. It's not yet happened. You can hold yourself in a position where you're waiting for stuff. Where you think it's because of some alignment, some solar flare, some warning messages from non-physical beings telling you you're in a holding pattern, or you're now supposed to move.
Or ... you can choose for yourself. You can be the CREATOR you came here to be. You can choose to be happy now. You can choose to learn how to do that. You can learn how far and how wide your happiness can get and how to create it for yourself. You can love yourself right now and open up to receive the abundant joy of life that is here. Ready to meet you. Ready to give to you. More and more and more. You can simply focus on learning how to get in alignment with YOU and receive. So much of life now, if you catch up and live on the leading edge, you're simply in the present moment. Discovering. Enjoying. Learning to receive more. Enjoying being you. Blessing everyone and everything in their own unique distinctness. Trusting in well-being and having a blast! But of course it doesn't have to be about that. You can choose to live in a different reality. Lots of people are. And still, all is well! All is well.

From: Expect Wonderful by Meredith Murphy

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