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Although this question is a very funny one, I must admit, through my studies of sociology that our world is much more of an intricate matrix then we could possibly imagine. People of diverse faiths, back in time have considered this world as only an illusion and there is more about the world we’re living in then the normal human could perceive.
Why is this fact? Lets conceder the scientific aspect of it … What do you see or smell or touch? To all the five senses including speech the answer is common. Electrical signals in the brain. So the part of creation we’re seeing is literally in our brain. Science does admit that there are many question marks about the brain that are still unanswered. Science approved of the afterlife only after exhausting experimentation on resuscitated patients but they did have there proof of the afterlife.
The bible goes “In the beginning, God created heaven and earth and the surface of the world was void and empty. The spirit of the Lord flew upon the waters and god said. Let there be light…” So god created heaven and earth with the earth being void and empty and then he spoke everything into being. There are even catch phrases like “Replenish the earth” indicating that something happened and the new human race had to replenish and not fill the earth. Research in the legend of Atlantis speak of an entire chunk of land being whisked into never land and two opposing brotherhoods of spirits fighting against each other for the completion of human kind.
The Catholic Church speaks about purgatory as a place where we should go after death if we are not there already. How could this be deductible? In metaphysics research we conclude that the body has twelve chakras with seven major ones that are particularly visible to clairvoyant people. This shows that our souls are plucked somehow to some life support system. One last catch phrase I’d like to tackle is the Resurrection. How can a resurrection be possible after cremation for example? It is simple…all the bible is telling us is that we are going to be unplugged from the matrix one day and when this day comes praise the lord.

Brian Ciancio

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