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Is a full-scale limited hangout coming on Kushner and Chabad? (+ How they’ll play it)

Is a full-scale limited hangout coming on Kushner and Chabad? (+ How they’ll play it)

You might have seen this today…

…From Zero Hedge

It has me wondering if the globalists are about to sacrifice Jared Kushner in a limited hangout operation. I noticed that back on April 9, both mainstream and alternative media started breaking the news about Kushner and the Lubavitchers’ connection to Trump and Putin (here are examples from Politico and Henry Makow)…

It was as if someone in the hierarchy had decided that “we can’t hide it any longer, so we’d best turn it to our advantage.” Of course, their outing of Kushner and Chabad will not change the fundamental plan, since I seriously doubt the MSM will go into the “prophecy fulfillment operations” part of it; they’ll likely stick to the business relationships.

Read Trump and Putin: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch for the full story.


It is unlikely that the Jewish media will skewer Chabad-Lubavitch during the hangout. I expect them to present it more in terms of “a group of nefarious individuals who met through the ‘Chabad-Lubavitch humanitarian organization’ embarked on a series of shady dealings that connect Trump with the evil Putin.”

So if the MSM present Trump’s son-in-law as his link with the “evil Putin,” how can Trump sever that link? He cannot; even if he fires Jared as his senior advisor, he’d still be connected to him through family ties. So this would provide a good basis for Trump’s removal or resignation at some point. And as soon as Pence succeeds him, the globalists’ “Gog/Magog War” card will be back in their playing hand again.

On the other hand, though, if the “Dump Trump” crowd let the special counsel complete his investigation before they make a move, Trump could survive. Such an investigation could take several months, and Erdogan’s Holy War and Putin & Trump’s Big Surprise could be triggered before it’s done. Again, we’ll have to watch what Erdogan does at his summit with the EU next week.

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