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Invocation to the Cosmic Ray of Multi-Universal Service ~ Equinox 2010 ~

An introduction to the Cosmic Ray of Multi-Universal Service

September 22, 2010 heralds the grand arrival of the Path of the Becoming,

a long awaited and unprecedented activity of Light,

through the Equinox Full Moon energies,

in which we may choose the Initiation of Resurrection,

merging and integrating our Mighty I Am Presence,

choosing this physical ascension as a Keeper of Light,

as this I AM Race of Ascended Beings,

and opening the Kingdom of Earth, as it is on Heaven,

for all Life to experience the Cosmic Embrace of Mother /Father God,

the Wisdom and Love of the Multi-Universe,

the Diamond Heart of all Creation,

and the experience of truly coming Home.

Invocation to the Cosmic Ray of Multi-Universal Service

I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God, and my I Am Presence,

as I align with this Divine Light of Who I Am.

I now call upon all the Beings of Light that I personally acknowledge,

and my Brothers and Sisters of the Light from On High,

who are assisting in this Ascension Wave for all Humanity,

through the Equinox and Full Moon energies.

I now call upon Mother/Father God,

so I may experience the Ascension Seat within the Multi-Universal,

and through the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God,

so I may experience the integration of the Highest Light of Who I Am,

and Who I Have Forever Been,

as my Mighty I Am Presence,

taking on my Adam Kadmon Blueprint of Light,

my original Patterns of Perfection,

allowing for the chakras to merge in one Unified field of Light

through the cloaking of this quantum energetic circuitry,

holding these high, stellar frequencies within the physical form.

I now travel in an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light,

into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God,

and Overlighted by the Company of Heaven,

I now experience myself simply as the Light,

through this beautiful diamond ray of Light,

In this essence of truly coming Home.

To the sounds of Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai, 'Tsebayoth,

Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts,

I now merge with the 144 Soul rays, of which I am One,

collectively forming this Divine Light experienced as my I Am Presence.

As I take on these memories and key codes of Light,

as this first wave Soul in human embodiment,

all the frequencies needed for my individual ascension are now activated,

taking me into Self Mastery, into the I Am Avatar Blueprint.

My Mighty I Am Presence now appears before me,

and I now merge with this radiant expression of my God Self.

Wrapping myself in this new garment of Light,

I experience my rebirth as this essence of Divine Love and golden liquid Light,

understanding my Service contract as a Master Being and Ambassador of Light,

to this Earth plane and to all Life.

I now take on my Ascended Master gifts,

through this mantle of Light,

experiencing physical rejuvenation,

and choosing self realized physical immortality;

the end to dis-ease, dis-comfort and pain,

on a physical level, emotional level or mental level,

and lifting all veils of Illusion,

in this process of transfiguration and regeneration.

I now direct this beautiful diamond ray of Multi-Universal Service through this quadrant of the Galaxy and onto this Earth,

enveloping this Earth and all Life within the Cosmic embrace of Mother/Father God,

allowing for the experience of Love, Unity Consciousness and Coming Home,

to be experienced by all Life on this Earth plane.

I now experience the Heartbeat of Mother Earth, feeling this Oneness with all Life, feeling this Love for all Life,

I now experience myself as part of this Unity Grid of Light.

I Am the Cosmic Heart and Mind of Mother/Father God,

I Am my Mighty I Am Presence,

I Am a radiant Being of Light,

I Am a Child of the Sun.

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Comment by Trudy on September 19, 2010 at 4:10pm
I invoke the Cosmic Rays
For I Am an existence of the Highest Light
Deeply attached to my beloved Earth and All living within

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