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Intel Drop: Beyond Censorship, the Prison We Share

Intel Drop: Beyond Censorship, the Prison We Share

This is a Prison Planet

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor - November 26, 2018


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

This is going to be a story.  It will be written with care or it may well be my last.  It isn’t just censorship that VT fights, its something far more sinister.  The conventional narratives, left and right, nationalism, race and religion are artifice.  They simply don’t exist but for one purpose, to disguise mankind’s real purpose here.  Yes, Alex Jones was right, this is a prison planet.

Breaking in slowly, be patient.  I was watching the new Dick Wolf produced TV series, “The FBI” last week.  His work is generally distracting, pedantic, derivative and crap, meaning “quality television.”

Last week he outdid himself.  On one of his better shows, its first season, he began with an attack on Syria and Russia, attempting to deflect the Saudi murder of Khashoggi as a secret Syrian/Russian plot tied to the upcoming American/Israeli gas attack on Aleppo which I believe the producers knew of.

We see this continually, TV shows burned with crap propaganda, rants about Assad or Iran.  Only Madam Secretary and Newsroom have any guts.

Behind that, reality is bled to the American people as science fiction, as in X Files.  We are going to go there a bit, but only a bit.

A hierarchy has been created for us, a planet we believe we rule, “human beings” who are 95% chimpanzee according to what we are allowed to know of our own DNA.  You see, much of our DNA is “junk.”  Oh, it isn’t junk, its just that we aren’t what we think at all and we certainly aren’t all human, not by a long shot, but that’s another story as well.

Consider earth somewhere between a galactic prison and a massive fishbowl.  You will be getting close.

Look at our own species, or what we mistakenly call a species based on our ability to count arms and legs and make pseudo-biological determinations.  No, it isn’t about race, its something far less visible, even spiritual if you will.

Let’s take a second with religion.  For the most part, those who will read this think in accordance with the “religions of the book,” Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

It is no secret that Judaism is a fabricated religion based on petty thievery from earlier civilizations, so much has been written of this.  Monotheism was Egyptian, the flood is Mesopotamian or even earlier and Atlantis may well have existed.

Much may well have existed well before “civilization.”


We do have commonalities in a collective mythology, morphing mostly Middle Eastern religions into “modern beliefs” that meld well with thought suppression, human slavery and bestial human behavior.

There were gods, no question, off planet beings responsible for creation, as religions tell us, beings who warred among each other and yet took considerable interest in human behavior, in guiding and controlling mankind, and in suppressing access to forms of enlightenment that might well have allowed humans to evolve rather than devolve, as is now irrefutable.

These early beliefs, corrupted on a daily basis through conclaves and schisms, described superbeings capable of time travel and powerless flight, capable of acts of unlimited power and yet, at heart, immature, hateful, paranoid and largely without merit.

Lord Rothschild’s Carriage

Exceptions?  Jesus?  Buddha?  Krishna?  Mohamed?

What is obvious is that anything or “anyone” capable of superhuman acts is of another species with an understanding or perhaps a technology that allows the use of physical laws that have been censored from human knowledge.

VT has spent much time and effort in presenting articles on the suppression of unified field theory, flaws in basic accepted theories of atomic structure and physical dynamics.  Our VT Science series, for the few who bothered to read and the fewer who could understand have handed it out without cost.

What did we really do?  We debunked religion, debunked modern science, proved cheap censorship allowed two sets of technologies to coexist, a planet where power comes from coal and oil while the planets atmosphere boils away and yet.... READ MORE>>>>

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