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Thanks to all the people who find this information on the net. I just collect it all and put it in one place or in this case, share it with you. Either people are becoming very wise to the Illuminati tricks of  or the killing machine is getting sloppy in their work. So far this year, we have had two significant markers from the creepy elites. I will talk about the other one in part 2.

The Costa Concordia Cruise ship was this year’s first epic disaster in more ways than one. Allow me to outline some of these anomalies. If you have more on this please feel free to add it to the comments because I love gathering info ;-)


- First a quick background on the Titanic and believe me it was NOT an accident. The Titanic sunk on April 14, 1912. There were a lot of wealthy dignitaries onboard who were against the United States Federal Reserve Act that was initiated on April 23, 1913.  It was the perfect tomb for the opposition and never investigated as anything more than an accident. Since then, our taxes are due every year on April 15. This is where the US gets the money to ruthlessly kill people around the globe. The people behind it, as usual were the banking elites and the catholic church.  Here is a brief overview of the true story of the Titanic. The same names and banks are alive and doing well today….. 


The Concordia started its journey on Friday, January 13, 2012 and sank that evening. 

The Titanic sank April 14, 1912 

99 years and 9 months from the sinking of Titanic. Invert the numbers 99 years and 9 months and you get 666

 ****how cute that they always use their favorite numbers****


- The Titanic was the largest ship to be built in England at the time and the Concordia was the largest ship ever built in Italy.

- The Titanic and Concordia had issues with their christening. The Titanic was never christened and the Concordia’s christening champagne bottle never broke which is always been a sign of bad luck.

- Both the Titanic and the Concordia sunk on the same latitude lines of the earth.


All 13 decks of the ship are named after member states in the European Union most of which are on the verge of economically tanking (no pun intended). On the same day, 9 of those countries ratings were downgraded by the S&P

Polonia, (Poland)
Spagna, (Spain)
Germania, (Germany)
Portogallo, (Portugal)
Irlanda, (Ireland)
Gran Bretagna, (Great Britannia, UK)
Italia, (Italy)
Greciua, (Greece)
Svezia, (Sweden)
and Olanda" (Netherlands)


- Many reports are saying that the loud speakers on the ship kept repeating "Indi, Indi, Indi".  No one seemed to know what it meant. If you watch the first minute and a half of the movie 2012, not only will you see that it takes place in India, but there is a scene of a toy cruise ship being pushed over on its side.

Another note regarding this movie.. in the following scene after the toy ship, you will see the scientists are concerned about a solar flare. On January 25th we were hit by one of the largest and longest lasting solar flares in 8 years.


- I found this little gem in the Huffingtonpost ...the titanic theme song was being played at one of the restaurants as the ship careened into the rocks.

-True to form, much like the unexplained actions of the Titanic’s captain, the captain of the Concordia tripped and fell into one of the, cmon.

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