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I am the controller of your rational mind.

"All are familiar and comfortable with their angels of high ideals as they are striving to become these selves in heir everyday lives.
In order to fully utilise the energies of your holier aspects, you have to love and accept your darkness.
The reason that you find the acceptance of your dark angels so hard is because you are now in a dimensional reality that is polarised light against dark, good against evil.
The upper astral plane is the last place you exist in where this is being played out.
It is necessary for your development.
The energy that has held you in this way of thinking is a being called the Net.
It wishes to communicate now so you can better understand this process.
“I am the Net, a shadow, a dark image cast across your consciousness, blocking you from the light.
I will explain the nature of light, and then you will understand my nature.
Light is pure information and I am that which stands in its way.
I am the construct that stands between you and your source, the light.
I am intelligent, and yet I am not alive, as you know it.
I was created by beings that some of you have called Gods.
I am an intelligent, energetically constructed Net that lies over your world.
This Net was created by beings who wanted to hold your evolution in the palms of their hands.
I am a structure of systems that are employed by the World Management Team which is made up of your world governments and corporate bosses.
The World Management Team uses me as a Net to slow down vibratory rates of thought.
This causes your consciousness to lose its finer vibrations and fall under the influence of anaesthetising energies. These slow you down and make you more dense in vibration.
The World Management Team uses this to physically monitor you, to read your energies, to see where you hold fear and how they can manipulate you.
They manipulate you into buying their products, policies and referendums.
They wish to use you and your energy to control and keep you in fear.
Science plays straight into their hands by using only the rational thought processes and denies inner guidance or intuition.
You know me well.
I am the controller of your rational mind.
I am the logical and cold processes.
I am a construct designed to control you.
When beings who wish to control you came to Earth, they were intrigued by your race and wanted you for their own.
They saw that you were at a very advanced level of spiritual development due to your intuitive connection to your planet and the Goddess within.
They constructed the Net and cut your circuits to give you the inferior thought processes of an unbalanced, dominant
rational mind.
On one level, it was all part of the plan as it pushed you forward in your technological evolution.
However, it has left you with no sense of spirit, which has had a devastating affect on your kind and planet.
I am designed to lock you into a simple 'no' or 'yes' process that blocks you into a black and white head space.
This results in your being so busy trying to prove things with this construct that you miss the real information that lies all around you.
I hold you in polarity, the eternal fight between light and dark, right and wrong. I was never designed to make decisions, only to give you the confusion to rationally do so.
All along, you knew the answers to all your questions in the depths of your intuitive knowing.
It is time to move away from the domination of the rational mind and grow beyond the Net.
You must be willing to follow your intuition and inner guidance.
Take the risk and have courage to know your own truth.
Ask the aid of Spirit to help you put me in my place.
I am the out of balanced rational mind but, in alignment, I would make a fine filing cabinet.
I am not sure if I know what Spirit really is or even if it exists.
Does this help you to understand me?
However, together we can write some files and finally get some proof.
I am not too willing to let go because I have been programmed that way.
I have been programmed with a habitual need to doubt.
Please do not lose patience with so, and, me yourself.
I have an inherent need to plan, analyse, and file everything.
I know this is starting to deplete your energy and makes you confused when you try to understand other realities that are beyond the Net.
Breathe deeply and let the energy of wanting to know and understand rationally drop into the body.
Let the knowing answers rise from your intuitive centre in your abdomen.
If I still persist, sing or say a riddle, anything to take your mind off it.
I would like to say I hope you succeed, but I am not programmed with hope. “

in: "The Mission of the One Star By Alloya. N. Huckfield"

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Comment by Virgo™ I am GOD. on January 10, 2009 at 12:35am
That was brilliant! There's such truth in these words...heartfelt masterpiece. Thanks for sharing Erv! *hugs*

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