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Ok guys i am finaly done with part one. Link up abouve Ive uploaded it to deviant art with a creative commons licence.


Part 1
By Vaddix
I am.

(Registered under a creative commons license. These stories of LIFE in each part, written by (Vaddix)(akaoj), may be duplicated and distributed for non profit purposes. This work may not to be changed or altered in any form. )

I wrote this story from a dream. One that was so compelling I lost myself in time. I believed the dream was real, and who's to tell me any different? Perhaps we are all dreams of experience. Dreams of Love, Dreams of Life, Dreams of sadness. The ultimate test of duality, The mastery of self, The eternal human of infinity divinities.

It started out like a dream, peacefully and warm, in my own clouds of consciousness, aware of my full self and each part if my soul, constantly adventuring the cosmos.
I heard a call. A call of love. A call of action. My final test. It weaved and caressed its way through the universe like a turquoise bird of light, Singing a beautiful song. One of the few great teachers of self. I chose. I chose her. She graciously accepted me into her loving arms.

A soft violet and blue mist envelopes me, and I lose awareness of my surroundings. The mist gets darker, but there are bright light clouds interspersed, glowing the brightest shades of the spectrum.
Am I liquid? Am I solid? am I a gas? Am I a plasma? Am I conscious within any of these structures? I'm conscious and present in everything, but at this moment where does this soul fragment belong? I cant tell yet, but this is exciting. I cant wait to find out. I have an idea of where this state will end, because I've seen it before on countless occasion. But every time is just as exciting.

I heard the call and I answered with courage and love.

A bright light appears before me. Its is a being. It is a presence. It is my true self. My guardian. The face and body androgynous, both male and female. but gathering the best qualities of both. The being spoke with a voice that echoed right to my core. The the frequency sprawling up and down my chakras. Concentrate, meditate, and you will find this voice within yourself too.

"Remember dear angel, your true self. For in it lies the secret to their, salvation, and your portal to divinity, your mission and your gift to the world.

Have no illusion of this world. Remember what its true in your heart. Learn the lessons within, and master the game. Inspire the world as you grow.

The glory of you and your fellow angels will be subtle. You will meet many along to the way to help you learn and evolve. Take the lesson of truth they give you, and give them lessons of truth in return. Help them as they seek to help you. Together you are an unstoppable force that will bring in a new paradigm. You will be forever proud of the children of earth, and they will be forever grateful and honored to have you as their teachers."


" It is almost time now child. You can hear the frequency of love through these walls. Through these clouds of consciousness. Learn to hear the frequency of time, to bring this world into new heights and lofty dimensions."

My true self, My guardian pierces me with bright blue eyes. The look is unmistakable. Its almost time. They watch over me as it all begins, again.

My heart beats. The rush of blood through my virgin veins. This new conduit, a worthy strong new temple. One to house my glory in my time here.

This new Temple.

Flash! Everything goes dark. Crash, I hear the sound of the outside would. This time behind no amniotic veil.  Loud and scary, but with infinite possibilities. The perfect test, find yourself in this maze. Find the truth of this ride, and you gain enlightenment, be the example for others to follow.

I run as fast as I can towards the light, my mission and my destiny. Infinitely determined.

So much red! So much screams of effort. I am terrified. I look to my guardian, they are still there, but I'm here now, further away. I hears cry's and tears being shed. Tears of a mother desperate to meet her child.

My body aches all over. I don't know how to react. I Gasp and grasp for something. All I want to do is scream, but nothing comes.
I feel a sharp pain as a big blurry figure embraces me. His eyes are reflective as if covered by something shiny. The sharp pain expels the liquid in my lungs. A cough, followed my more, each one more painful than the last. Then a breath. What is this? It feels and tastes refreshing. It feels like energy. I can feel it all around me, every atom of this place bursting with love. I struggle to get more breath before it finally becomes natural to me. The blurry figure passes me over to my protector and teacher.

Her warmth exudes from her.  Her magnetic field floods over me. All of the ferocity of my previous endeavor Disappears, and I feel safe and calm and loved. She show me her acceptance. A trait I will no doubt learn in my time here.

Satisfied and accomplished, with my new guardians watching over me, I close my lids for the second time. The first test completed, the second beginning immediately, in a life filled with tests.

(Registered under a creative commons license. These stories of LIFE in each part, written by (Vaddix)(akaoj), may be duplicated and distributed for non profit purposes. This work is not to be changed or altered in any form. )



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