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How to Avoid Dying in a 3D Collapse Scenario - Spiritual Master Free Spirit

Higher-dimensional travel - a possible alternative to post-industrial collapse..

Anyone with sufficient awareness will know that 3D humanity is on a course for disaster – biosphere collapse, overpopulation, climate change, toxins, rising sea levels and more.  We all know (if we are willing to admit the truth to ourselves) that humanity is consuming the planets resource base faster than it can be replenished. What this means is that sooner or later there will be more people on the Earth than what the Earth can handle – and thus some of us may have to leave involuntarily via a collapse scenario. At the same time – higher dimensional reality offers an alternative for those able to shed all of their 3D karma at this time.

So what causes a collapse and what can one actually do about it?

Ultimately the collapse is symbolic of a breakdown in the energy channels of the body and severe blockage in the lower chakras due to being overrun with denser karmic energies. The lower chakras are responsible for survival, the manifestation of basic needs and physical plane grounding. These chakras can be severely depleted energetically through attachments to fear and severe disempowerment. Unchecked – this causes death of the organism. When many people experience it at once – it manifests as a collapse scenario.

By bringing the energy up into the 4th Chakra – The Heart – one is able to access the emotional body. Within the heart chakra often lies very old wounds and traumas, that if left unchecked – leave our lower chakras open to energetic manipulation by the lower astral. This energetic leakage then acts as a magnet for external fear, the energy of lack, violence, survival crisis and ultimately death.

To have a serious chance at ascending the body one needs to have become strongly grounded in the lower three chakras, as well as having resolved all issues around fear and previous traumas.

The chakra system must be immune from external manipulation if we are to hold our vibration high enough to ascend out of the collapse scenario.

Once we have an unbroken channel to Source free of leakage we are immune to any kind of suffering and we are then able to make the dimensional jump into the 5th dimension.  Until we have reached this point – other beings existing in a fear vibration can plug into our energy field and create all kinds of imbalances. Hence the mastery of self-empowerment is crucial in order to hold our vibration.

It is important to realize that love is not “dropping your energetic guard” and allowing all kinds of energies to control your being. Love is to hold the highest vibration that you possibly can – and in that embodiment one is a “way-shower” that may then inspire others to further their own progress. However, not one individual on this planet can be saved through any act of self-imposed martyrdom. Those that wait to ascend in the belief that every human being can ultimately make the Ascension, are violating the free will of individuals to experience their own choices and is also energetically untenable. Once the collapse starts, these Saviour individuals will become over-run energetically, will become entangled in the karma of the collapse and are likely to experience death.

One’s geographical location on the planet is less important than the establishment of the channel to Source. However, in the widening of our channel – we are apt to manifest more conducive locations on the Earth for holding a high vibration. Locations of lower vibration – such as cities, areas affected by extreme weather and those regions of poor bio-diversity will consistently draw energy from our Being and hamper the Ascension Process – as was my experience in Ohio (Keys to Immortality)

Areas likely to experience widespread devastation in the ensuing collapse include almost all industrialized areas of the Northern Hemisphere, including China, most of developed Asia, the entire European Union and the US. The mainland US stands to be the worst affected due to its reliance on imports and its infrastructures being heavily dependent on cheap oil, as well as the fact it often becomes pre-emptively involved in huge wars. The collapse of our industrialized society, wars and nuclear contamination are likely to claim anything up to 80% of our current numbers and make large tracts of the Earth inhospitable for human life.

Most importantly, avoiding the collapse is about coming to terms with this event and healing the fear around it. Death brings up an intense existential fear – and ultimately it is this fear that will attract the reality of collapse to those who wish to experience it the least. One cannot become disturbed by the idea of large numbers of human deaths, for otherwise one would become totally paralysed by fear in the event of a collapse and become unable to function.

For many people the idea of vast numbers of human deaths is almost incomprehensible. However, when it is seen as a necessary karmic cleansing event – one releases all judgements and allows whatever is necessary to happen without resistance.

If one is caught in the energetic wake of a death wave associated with a collapse one can still escape by maintaining a high vibration and releasing all karmic attachments. If one cannot avoid death, then the advice is to embody a deep sense of acceptance and not to create inner resistance, for this will only create fear. Those able to find their I AM Presence have a chance to ascend even at the very last minute – even when it seems death is very imminent. The key is to remain AWARE in every moment and to recognize the illusion of the 3D dream, so that even if one has to undergo the death process – one can prevent an unconscious reincarnation.

Vibratory Soul Groups

At this time on Earth there are three distinct vibratory groups of souls. There are young souls who come here for the experience of 3D but who are unable in this incarnation to embody 5thdimensional frequency. These souls require additional incarnations before being able to ascend. This is due to their karmic density and their choices as distinct sovereign beings. These souls cannot be “saved” from the consequences of their choices in 3D or be ascended by Star Beings against their free will. Interfering in their karma, even if you see their path will end in their death – will achieve nothing other than to put yourself in an intense power struggle and compromise your own Ascension.

As there are so many young souls on Earth at this time and the end of 2012 marked the end of a karmic cycle, naturally there will be large numbers of human departures in the coming years. It can be viewed as many souls resolving karmic issues at once – and when these events occur on 3D worlds – it is reflected externally in the collapse of a civilization.

Those who have come to this world with the ability to embody 5th dimensional frequency are here to complete all karma in this lifetime. These are older souls who have more incarnations behind them. This group of souls will not experience the collapse – and are also here to anchor in some higher vibrational energy to assist the Earth with its Ascension.

There are also a very small third group of very advanced souls on Earth who have incarnated directly from Source via the Central Galactic Sun in 9th dimensional hyperspace. These souls have not incarnated in Earth history and will be able to ascend beyond the 5th dimensional frequency asthey are not karmically bound to the Earth. After the Earth Ascension into 5D, they may opt to stay in 5D – or return directly to Source.

This third group of souls come from the lie-less worlds of Source and thus are not familiar with the dynamics of deception. Thus they will take some time to come into their full awareness of Source as they disentangle themselves from the vibration of the overall collective. Once they have done that, they will then be able to channel the energies of Source in this dimension for the benefit of the Earth and those about to ascend into 5D. These souls are usually visionaries, seers or shamans and are able to travel beyond the Central Galactic Sun with ease into 10th – 12th dimensional hyperspace and into the Singularity Consciousness of Source itself.

Many light-workers (older souls) feel they are here to help humanity – but ultimately they are here to assist the Earth (read more about the light-worker lie here). Those humans who choose the oath of conscious awakening and make steps to lift their vibration, then naturally benefit from the presence of these souls on Earth. But these older souls are not Saviours for humanity.

Those younger souls who seek a Saviour are simply deferring their growth and projecting their karma outwardly, expecting some external being to fix them. Their lesson is to empowerTHEMSELVES and take responsibility for their choices and their lives, rather than to project the karma outside of themselves and deepen the karmic rut that they are in.

The difference between the first two groups of souls is apparent when one looks at the speed of their processes. The clearing processes in older souls are extremely swift and can appear to run at10x or even 20x when compared to the conventional norm. These souls will be “cramming” in a lot of learning into their final lifetime so as to transmute all of their karma. Emotional issues will resolve quickly, they may have multiple intimate relationships or even marriages in a lifetime and they may undergo rapid paradigm shifts in their choice of livelihood. Most notably, they will have the experience of ego-death many times in their lives – so in essence they are dying, and being reborn again and again in the same lifetime.

The ultimate aim is to “die before you die” and by doing so one clears all of one’s karma before the onset of physical decay and death. The physical body is simply a karmic vehicle – thus once one has cleared all karma, the body will transmute itself and ascend to heaven alive. Death is a descent of the soul essence into unconsciousness and becoming an Immortal is about ascending the soul upwards into a full awareness of Source. In death, there is the disadvantage that one forgets experiences and with rebirth comes a deep amnesia that leads to the continued perpetuation of karmic tendencies and responses to the external world.

Death also can be traumatic and the trauma can be imported energetically into the next incarnation – creating a karmic disadvantage from the beginning. Thus all souls wishing to ascend now will need to transmute all of their karma in this lifetime..

Free Spirit   August 2014

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