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She is alive.  She dreams.  She feels on a level not even humans can understand. ( which is saying a lot )

She is often treated as nothing more than a giant rock to build ourselves upon.  A big blue rock hurdling through space.

The physical planet can be thought of as a spaceship if you'd like.  She is the captain.

She loves everything that grows, even those unhealthy for her to love.  Unconditional.

In Her wisdom she can do this and understand what can stay and what should go.  Like the body ridding itself of toxins.

Her spirit is given freely to all life on earth, whether humans recognize all of these forms as life or not.  Whether or not the life forms embrace and benefit from this spirit energy, comes down to choice.

You feel it when you see the sun, or feel the wind.  Tiny little reminders of a power and beauty beyond our own imagination.  You see it in the colours of flowers.  You hear it in the laughter of a child.

She never went anywhere.  Some just forgot to pay attention.

She is patient.  Probably more so than humans may like or from their mind, agree with.  She will allow natural processes to complete, planning her subtle whispers of balance as she sees fit.  But when the unnatural happens, and that patience is lost, she defends herself accordingly.

Many times already She has corrected balance for herself and for her children here. Fixing mistakes other beings make around her.  Dealing with the consequences of all events in this solar system.

It can be easy at times to believe She does not care about us. This is not true. She has a better understanding of us than we do, and observes reality from a different level, and therefor some of her choices can seem wrong to us.  Perhaps they are. Perhaps they are not.

She helps generate energy that is free to us.   Energy to sustain us as physical vessels.   The earth provides a connection to a part of consciousness from which we can gain great knowledge.  As well as tools to further develop our souls.

If we align ourselves with Her here and now, we can break the spell.  This does not mean serving Her.  This means serving life, freedom and growth.  We are simply standing along side Her.

She is not looking to be worshipped.  She only wishes to be respected and maybe even loved.  Just as we all do.

~ Beings who abused her created you here to be used.. But she loves you anyways.   Love can be put into action. ~

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