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I helped out a homeless guy today and his pup daisy in downtown Montreal.

They are both out on the street and daisy was freezing. Others were helping out too so i was glad for that.

I gave them both some money.. and Daisy even though she was cold,  and on the street..... still she was so full of love and couldnt stop covering me with kisses.

It broke my heart. I started crying. I cant stop thinking about it. Wish i could do more.

He said he couldn't go to a homeless shelter cuz they wont take animals and he wont abandon Daisy so he can get a bed somewhere. I don't blame him. I wouldn't either.

They sleep inside the banks where the ATM'S are open all night.

I told him id be back tomorrow to make sure Daisy has enough food and im bringing the pup an extra comforter of mine to keep her warm.

One of our old hospitals is opening up as a homeless shelter where the homeless will be able to bring their pets. Its not open yet. Apparently he reserved his place for when they do open. I hope they open ASAP. 

 Dogs aren't as resilient as we are. Today was freezing and damp. I told him he had to get her inside. 

they go in the subway too to warm up. Its just horrible,

I'll be going back tomorrow with a extra blanket and making sure that lovable pup has food!



Not only does this reptilian controlled satanic planet have no love

We don't even love ourselves and our fur babies enough to unify and put a stop to this madness once and for all.!

Every day i spend on this planet AKA Satans kingdom is too much

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Comment by Carolyn Pleiadian Ambassador on January 10, 2019 at 5:01pm

Much of humanity is satanically possessed. That's why we haven't risen up and taken our planet back and decided collectively that this is unacceptable.  Much of the apathy comes from the brainwashing that comes from the archontic influence.

Comment by Carolyn Pleiadian Ambassador on January 10, 2019 at 4:56pm

When I was with eddy and daisy there was an Indian man thete I was speaking to as well.  He also gave them some money.

He said there's no love here. That it's a loveless world.  

I told him sadly that I have to agree. It's a satanic planet. 

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