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Or does anyone want to try this and report back if it works?


Whenever you get a letter from the IRS demanding that you pay amount: $XXXXX.XX, then this is what you should know: 
The IRS usually always sends you the check to pay your bill if you believe it or not. The perforated remittance that is attached to the letter is the just need to turn it into one. 
Since there is no real money (Gold/Silver) to "lawfully" pay a public debt [not to be construed as "legally"] as the United States is still operating in Bankruptcy [1933] under chapter 11 reorganisation, you take the remittance and do the following: 

- You write "Pay to the order of: United States Treasury" 
- put in the amount i.e.: $1234.56 
- write out the amount: i.e. "onethousandtwohundredthirtyfourdollarsfiftysixcents" 
- Date it 
- put in your SSN with dashes 
- reference the form if you know it: i.e.: "1040" "1041" ect... 
- Sign it in RED INK. Just like they did 100's of years ago they signed in Blood. [always sign in RED INK] 
- under your signature you put " Authorized Signature" (Just like on the microprint of the signature line of a personal check). 
- send it certified, however I like to send it registered. Certified is "Public" and Registered is "private". You are a private citizen doing business with the public (IRS). 

The IRS will accept this as payment and use your "bank account number" (SSN) to access your credit to adjust the debt. 
So all you ever really had to do is to "click your heels" as you were following the yellow-brick road (Following the Gold-Bricks/Money).

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Comment by Ted on March 5, 2012 at 8:04pm

This concept is also known as "A4V" like in "ACCEPTED FOR VALUE". You can search the internet for "A4V Process". I think some people were successfull and some were not, and thats because a few things may have to be claimed prior signing any A4V. I think those who were sucessfull had claimed their rights on their legal name (with a claim of right and/or a UCC-1). I think some people ended with charge against them for fraud. I beleive it can work but its not that simple..

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