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An interesting video I found this morning before going to bed. Marshall Vian Summers addresses the converging upheavals which confront the human family and how we can face them.

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Comment by Christopher Glenn Bowers on August 13, 2009 at 4:43pm
Still don't know quite what to think of Marshall Vian Summers. First time I heard of him is when I stumbled upon his website Allies of Humanity and downloaded book one he has made available for free download, and began to read it and could not get past 25 pages because it was so opposite of the Law of One literature I had just finished reading. It almost made me ill, but that's just me. What I do hear in Marshall is a common warning for humanity, to begin to collectively and individually take response-ability for our affairs here on Gaia, but so much of what I have come to know from my benevolent guides is noticeably missing from Marshall's dire and very ominous-at-times message, but that may be his gift to that part of humanity that does not go in for the more esoteric take on Life throughout Creation. So I end up letting Marshall be Marshall and me be me. One thing that did bother me a bit, made me think some rather paranoid thoughts, is that Marshall would definitely have the reader interpret any mass landing of interdimensional friends and neighbors as suspect and dangerous, that they come to exploit remaining resources on this planet and see us as irresponsible idiots and squanderers (which they would have a point, LOL), which is exactly what any multi-national shadow gov element planning a false flag event involving such a staged landing (and I do believe we are already very capable of such a staged event) would want the public to think. And Marshall claims to be receiving his info from sources much like RA and those stationed close to this planet to protect her. But if anyone has ever read Stuart Holroyd's book "Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth", an amazing account of Phyllis Schlemmer's deep channelings of "Tom", spokes-entity/orb for the Council of Nine (mentioned by RA in the L of O sessions), then you would know that someone is receiving somewhat faulty info, for Marshall and Phyllis paint two entirely different pictures of what such a mass landing would be about. I have narrowed it down to a simple equation these days, since I completely trust the mathematical genius of this cosmos: If the message is spreading fear, be wary of the message, but pay attention for the sake of knowing the message. If the message is spreading Love/Light and Unity/Peace, and it resonates with your intelligent Heart, than you have a very personal and intimate confirmation of the message already...
Love/Light, and Peace with no opposite, Chris

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