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Golden Age Relationships ~ Part 2

Many of you want to live in Oneness as much as you want to be liberated from any residual feelings of separation, yet this desire can only be fulfilled when your mind moves into such a deep partnership with your heart that they become like inseparable lovers whose only intent is to expand their love throughout the whole of creation.

Masters Lady Miriam and El Morya

An impossible dream, you might say ~
In fact why would human beings even want to unite and be one with every soul? To truly understand and feel this in the depths of your being, take a moment to imagine removing the shackles of time that have put humanity into the density of their habitual separation behaviors. Over many centuries your minds and bodies have became time machines programmed to grow old and expire. The fear of going through this illusionary disintegration process has disengaged many of you from actually being present to the truth of who you really are ~ ageless, timeless beings who were never created to wither away, be ravaged by diseases, and then die.

Congratulations to many of you who have already disengaged yourselves from this old paradigm. Our intent in this transmission is to simply reawaken and realign you with your ageless potential to embrace your life and each other as an unending opportunity to exponentially expand the Love and Light of Source.

To really accept that you can love unconditionally and be one with every person on the planet, it may assist you to realize that everyone is really projecting a hologram of themselves based on their desire to be here, their environment, the genetics they adopted at birth, the memories encoded within and around their body, and all the beliefs they have accepted along the way as being true. Ongoing compassion for the human condition is going to serve you and all who come into your life. It is perhaps the greatest key to your liberation.

Your lives on Earth are glorious opportunities to embrace yourself in other forms, bodies and life circumstances. We might say that all of the unique representations of the One Self have been in a time capsule that is now being lifted out of the dark Earth where it has been buried for centuries. As the lid is taken off, the light enters the capsule and all the facets of the Self suddenly remember that they have always been living within the same body of consciousness, the same time capsule and the same field of Love, and each one is simply reflecting their unique facet of the one Diamond Heart and Mind.

In this reflection process, your liberation is at hand. You are being given a massive opportunity to recall all the parts of yourself that did not feel worthy enough to be loved, nor valuable enough to be seen, heard or recognized. Your freedom is only being held back by your mind’s unwillingness to love yourself and everyone else just as they are. We grant you it is a big order and one that every Ascended Master had to embrace during their lifetimes on Earth. As you continue to go through your ascension process, it may also be helpful to remember that one of the reasons you chose to live in third density is that you actually wanted to come face-to-face with the parts of yourself that you find difficult to love.

During a planetary ascension, every soul is presented with the magnificent opportunity of embodying and practicing unconditional love. This is often experienced as the most difficult initiation of a lifetime, yet it is now before your heart, beloved, and if you truly want to embody your glorious God Presence, align yourself with Unity Consciousness, and assist in ushering in the new Golden Age, then your time has come.

As you move deeper into the Essence of the Divine Love you truly are, your temporary earth bodies will actually become more timeless and your forms will start filling with much more love as the essence of your original encoding, and much more light as the power and wisdom of your Presence. You are moving into your greater lightbodies as surely as the planet is moving into hers. When your collective mastery of love has shifted the consciousness of all life in your world into the higher dimensions, then you will be living in the glory of your Divine Golden Age Blueprint where the pure ecstasy of just being alive will be experienced as normal.

In the Love of the One Heart,

Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose

Golden Age Relationships~Part 1

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