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God is Bigger Than the Boogie Man


Father God:  God is Bigger Than the Boogie Man


It is I, Father God, the one you have come to know as your mentor, friend and resource over recent years, as I speak to you in many voices, through many sources, but you are beginning to understand that you too can hear my voice, feel my presence, and know that I am loving, compassionate and that I possess in unlimited measure the qualities you might call patience and tolerance.
Do you know how it is impossible for me to be otherwise?  It is because I AM Love.  I was created out of the essence of Love, in the time before time.  I do not experience fear, because in my eyes there is no threat, no danger and no worry, and therefore I never experience anger or jealousy, or any of the things humans feel while in a body in lower dimensions.  Let me explain.
You have lived lives in which many of you felt hunger, abuse and oppression.  Perhaps you were burned at the stake or murdered in violence in earlier times.  Those memories register in the human mind and tend to create fear, especially when there was no understanding that you go on - you do not die, you simply change the form you are inhabiting.  
This knowledge changes everything.  What does it matter if you die of hunger or an auto accident?  You return to me every time, and the pain you felt vanishes into nothing.  It is difficult to grasp when you are there in a body, but you are beginning to see that all is illusion - the darkness, the danger, the threats to your life and the misery of poverty, for instance.  All is illusion, the play you are acting in while you are here on Earth.  The lessons you learn are real, for a good play does offer you the opportunity to experience who you really are and what your true reactions to emotionally charged experiences will be.  It is now time to take the next step in understanding the Universe and the part you play in the Ascension of humankind.
Beloved Ones, I come to you in joy and great pleasure, remembering the work that we have done together in the recent past - nearly 4 years of radio shows in which I came to speak with you as Zorra, and later as Father God, nearly 200 written messages which Kathryn has called "When God Pinched My Toe" and the book, "Who Needs Light?" which was a collaboration between Kathryn and Sanat Kumara, with great interest on the part of St. Germain, Mother God and I.  
This was not the start of our work with Kathryn, however.  It was I who supervised her training as a channel beginning about 8 years ago, when I came to her through another channel in the guise of one I greatly enjoyed portraying - the woman called Makarta.  In that role, I indulged my great love of theater and fun, by presenting myself as a woman who was what you might call "a character."  It was also I who introduced your channel (in this lifetime, of course) to her twin flame St. Germain.  She knew him in those days as Ramadi, which is his ancient soul name.
I have completed my channelings as Zorra, for it is time for all of us to now talk face to face, so to speak.  I want you to know who I really am.  Many of you have had the opportunity to spend long hours speaking with me, reading my written messages, and learning to accept Mother God and I as the mentors and friends we wish to be for you, our Beloved Children.  You now know that I am not the big man with a beard who sits on a cloud meting out punishments, judgments and lightening bolts to destroy those I condemn.  
You also now know that I am the voice which has come to you over the eons in many forms, by many names.  Each culture, each religion has given me a name, because I have been so active in my involvement with humankind throughout the ages.  I have been known at various times as Yahweh, Allah, Shiva, to the Ancient Egyptians as Ra, and now as I have told you, as Zorra and Makarta.  I have played a role in each era to suit the tastes and understandings of the cultures themselves.
Does it shock you to know that I have played "roles" in my interactions with the humans who were able to hear my voice?  Why should that surprise you, Dear Ones, when this is exactly what you are doing when you come here in a particular body, at a particular time, to play a particular role in which you will experience life in various shadings, in order to learn and to teach. You have been created in the image of God, have you not?  Do you not see that this lifetime is a role that you play?
You also now know there is no hellfire in which bad people are forced to burn, and you are aware of the gentle and loving voice of Mother God, who is the Divine Mother.  She has given a number of live channelings through Kathryn over the years, and Sananda has brought you the New Scriptures to help you understand the truth about his incarnation in which he was the lead soul in the Jesus Project.  He continues to work with her daily, and appears every Sunday on her Healing and Training for Ascension shows on
We have introduced you gradually, through many formats, many channels, and in many languages.  You were coming out of such a dark experience here on Earth that it would have been impossible for you to absorb the Truth, after you had been so programmed by eons of dark teachings to believe in fear, anxiety and conflict.  You would have all taken the stance that many still espouse:  "This New Age talk about the power of Light energies and the Law Of Attraction is just so much hogwash.  We all know that the Dark Forces are coming to invade Earth, and you are deliberately teaching people to be complacent so they can be taken over more easily."
Some will choose to remain in darkness and to choose paranoia and fear because this is what they have known so well that it seems like Truth to them.  We understand the hesitation to believe in, or even see, the dramatic changes which are taking place now, but those of you who have followed my teachings, as Zorra, or as Father God, or as Yahweh, know better.  
Yes, it is true that the blessings you have been promised have been a long time coming, with many delays, but each delay has been resolved by dealing with the minions of the cabal who have remained to make trouble in such a way that they have now become thoroughly convinced of their own vulnerability.  This realization will lead to further desperation, or they will have a change of heart.
It might look to some as if the last dust-ups in various places around the globe, reported in excessively dramatic and exaggerated terms, is a turn for the worse.  I assure you, it is decidedly not.  The nations around the world which possessed nuclear bombs have already experienced their wake-up call.  There will be no more nuclear bombs exploded on this planet.
Look how far you have come, Dear Ones. You are now able to discuss spiritual lessons amongst yourselves, sharing your dreams and your leaps of progress toward Ascension.  You are working hard to raise your vibrations through daily meditations and wonderful exercises in developing and practicing your considerable virtues, day by day.
It has been our great honor to be able to speak with you and answer your questions, and we will continue to do so.  We have asked Kathryn to continue to channel us from time to time, so that we can continue to "keep in touch" with you, as Mother God and I are preparing to take over the new responsibilities we will be assuming once the Ascension of Planet Earth and all her inhabitants has been accomplished.
The Great Ascension of Mother Earth will not be as destructive and arduous, as you have foreseen since you have made such great progress since the Dec. 21, 2012 beginning of this phase of your Ascension.
We have tried to prepare you, Beloved Ones, for the massive changes which will sweep across your planet in the coming days.  When you see the magnitude of those changes and the great demand for new ideas, unshakable inner strength and resolve to be the best you can be, you will understand why we have stepped up our lessons in recent weeks.  
In the midst of these changes, the family I helped to create in my role as Zorra has been broken apart by those who have taken it upon themselves to redefine and reinterpret the recent messages in order to create fear and division amongst the family members.  I will not discuss details of the tactics which have been used or the reasons behind it.  I will only tell you that this is not an argument or a disagreement which could be healed by both parties coming to some sort of middle ground.  We have not suggested this, because it is not a case that both parties played a part in the dissension.  Kathryn was simply doing her job, bringing through the messages she has been given clearly, accurately and without complaint.  This is a matter of integrity for her, and for any channel whose credibility depends upon remaining clear and open to Truth.
We will give you our decision, and from this you will discern Truth.  We have given numerous warnings, requested outside channelers to assist us and used every means possible to convince the Hollow Earth Network folks under Anne DeHart's leadership to cease and desist, but to no avail.  
We have therefore decided in the Company of Heaven to discontinue our participation and all channelings through them until such time as they turn toward the Light.  We will then welcome them back with open arms.  Until then, we cannot in good faith provide further notoriety to ones who use it to slander their friend who brought intelligence, integrity and credibility to their project.
We apologize to Kathryn for bringing this information through her, and we again ask for volunteers who have brought through the words of Mother God or me, to channel the Truth we bring - that Zorra has been retired, and no one will be channeling him now, although we will continue to come to you as Mother and Father God through Kathryn and other sources outside the Hollow Earth Network. We are grateful for your generosity and for your participation in carrying the truth to the world.
I have asked that these message be posted on Kathryn's site, where it will be available for all to see, as we did with the earlier messages from Sananda and St. Germain.  I will then not ask anyone to bring forth our words on this topic again.  It will be handled with compassion, but the Truth must no longer be allowed to be suppressed.
Many, many of those who read our messages have written to Kathryn to express their love and thanks for the hard work she has contributed to our project of awakening and teaching you in preparation for your Ascension.  We are delighted at the outpouring of love.  We can now tell you that she was rather undaunted by the entire drama, but each of you who wrote to her also learned a very important lesson.  You were awakened further by the need to choose Light in the quality of the material you read and the information you decide to follow.  This is a crucial step in your growth as Masters.  You also took the opportunity to express love and gratitude, and you grew in Light in the process.
And now, I hope I will make you laugh when I quote a very amusing childrens' song.  It is a very effective reminder of the illusions which create fear.  I urge you to remember:  "God is bigger than the Boogie Man... God is bigger than the monsters under your bed..."  and you, Beloved Ones, must remember that the Boogie Man has no power over you, as long as you remain true to your heart.
Remember now and always, Beloveds, that we are with you, by your side, in all that you do.  Feel the energy of our beings and the Love in our hearts for you.  You can know us by our words, yes, but remember that anyone can say the words and make them sound convincing.  You must discern Truth by using your hearts.  Only a heart can feel love, and only a heart knows who we truly are by the feel of our Light energy.  
Many of you are just beginning to be able to feel your way through a dilemma by using your hearts.  Do not try to rely on comparing one argument against another or even one argument alone.  You cannot discern truth by hearing words, no matter how convincingly they are presented.  You can only know truth by knowing the heart of the one speaking the words, and by feeling the resonance in your own heart when you feel the presence of God in the words.
I love you without end, and without any conditions whatsoever.  You are perfect in my eyes, and you are learning...
I am your Father God.
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, July 15, 2014, 6 PM, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,




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Comment by Besimi on July 16, 2014 at 1:17am

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Enormous 262 Ft Siberian Hole, May Have Formed By Something Coming Out Of The Ground

Dear world, 

Many of us are intrigued with this giant Siberian hole that just formed…. 262 ft!  That’s quite the hole…. and I couldn’t help but notice the comments from the video I posted from  Ben Time Traveller, that suggests that they way the ground is stacked up around the hole, suggests that something came out of the ground, rather than fell to earth.



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